Amazon CEO bezos speech: kindness is much more difficult than smart choice is more important than talent

Princeton university alumni, amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) bachelor graduation ceremony speech in 2010. He recall his childhood years, about how he learned as a kid “kindness is much more difficult than intelligent” truth; Share the 16 years ago, he decided to give up good work, and create the amazon’s complex journeys. “Enthusiasm” follow the heart are bezos advice to elite talent. Is one by one, he thought, the choice of our life eventually. The full text to speech:

amazon founder Jeff bezos

kind is much more difficult than smart

when I was a child, my summer is always spent in Texas grandparents’ farm. I helped fix windmills, vaccination, and do other chores. Every afternoon, we will watch soap operas, especially “our time”. My grandparents in a saloon car club, and the driver is a group of Airstream trailer type rv, together they traveled in the United States and Canada. Every couple of summer, I will join them. We put the Airstream trailer behind his grandfather’s car, and then add in more than 300 Airstream mighty team composed of the explorers.

I love my grandparents and I admire them, and sincerely look forward to the trip. It was a trip when I was ten years old, as usual, I sat on a bench in the back seat, grandfather drove, grandmother sat beside him, smoking a cigarette. I hate to smoke.

at that age, I would make excuses for some estimates or little arithmetic. I will calculate fuel consumption and grocery costs such as frivolous things. I heard a advertising on smoking. I can’t remember the details, but the effect that advertising, cigarette will reduce the service life of a few minutes every breath, is about two minutes. Anyway, I decided to do the math for grandmother. I estimate the grandmother to a few cigarettes every day, each cigarette smoked a few mouth and so on, then concluded with a reasonable number. Poking him then, I sat in front of the grandmother’s head, and patted her on the shoulder, and proudly declared, “for every two minutes of cigarette, you live for nine years less!”

I clearly remember what happened next, but that is my unexpected. I look forward to the wisdom and arithmetic skills to win the applause, but that did not happen. On the contrary, my grandmother cry. My grandfather has been quietly before driving, park your car in the road, walk out of the car, opened my door, waiting for me to get off with him. I am in trouble? My grandfather is a wise and calm person. He never said harsh words to me, this is the first time? And he will let I apologize to my grandmother back to the car? I have never seen this kind of condition, and also don’t know what will happen. We stop beside the trailer. Grandfather looked at me, silent for a moment, then quietly and said calmly, “Jeff, one day you will understand, good is much more difficult than clever.”

choice is more important than talent

I want to say to you today, talents and choose a different. Smart is a gift, kindness is a choice. Talents come easily – after all, they are born. The choice is not easy. If not careful, you may get lured into talents, it may harm the choice you make.

you have many talents. I’m sure one of your gift is smart mind. So sure, because admission is very competitive, if you can’t show the wisdom and understanding, and are not eligible for this school.

your intelligence will come in handy, because you will travel on a piece of land full of miracle. We human beings, although the yongxing, but will surprise yourself. We can try to make clean energy, can also be an atom an atom to assemble the micro machinery, through the cell wall, and then repair cells. This month, there is an exception and inevitable thing happened – human life was synthesized finally. In the next few years, we will not only synthetic life, also according to the manual drive them. I believe you will see even our understanding of the human brain, Jules verne, Mark Twain, Galileo, Newton, — all that is full of curiosity of people want to be able to live to be now. As a civilized person, we will have so much talent, is like sitting in front of me to you, each individual has many unique talent.

how do you use these gifts? You will be proud of their talents, or will be proud of your choice?

follow your inner passion!

16 years ago, I came up with the idea of founding amazon. When I face the reality is that Internet usage is growing at 2300% a year, I have never seen or heard anything growing so fast. Created to cover millions of books online shop idea makes me excited, because it has no place in the physical world. I had just 30 years old, married just one year.

I told my wife MacKenzie, I want to quit your job, then go to do the crazy things, is likely to fail, because most startups are so, but I’m not sure what will happen after that. MacKenzie told me that I should try. When I was a boy, I was garage inventor. I was filled with cement tires, umbrellas, and made of tin foil is not too good cooker and to deal with brothers and sisters of pan alarm made an automatic door closer. I’ve always wanted to be an inventor, and she wanted me to follow the enthusiasm of the heart.

I was working in New York a financial company, colleagues are a group of very smart people, my boss is very wise, I envy him very much. I told my boss I wanted to start a company selling books on the Internet. He took me walk in central park for a long time, listen to me carefully and finally said: “sounds like a good idea, but for those who do not get a good job now, this idea will be better.”

this logic quite reasonable for me, he persuaded me to 48 hours before the final decision to consider. So want to come, this decision is very difficult, but in the end, I decided to spell again. I think I will not regret to try after failure, is a decision but no action has been afflicted with me. After deliberation, I chose the path of unsafe, to follow my inner passion. I’m proud of the decision.

tomorrow, very realistic, you from an era of zero to shape his life is about to open it.

how you will use your talent? You will make what kind of choice?

you are guided by inertia, or follow your inner passion?

you’ll conformist, or innovation?

you can choose a life of ease, or select a dedication and adventure in life?

you will be subject to criticism, or faith?

you will hide errors, or will you apologize?

you can because of fear of rejection and conceal inner, will march forward in the face of love?

what do you want, or want to fight the wind and waves?

you will choose to give up, under the severe reality will boldly go on?

you have to do a cynic, or on the practicalities of builder?

you must display at all cost wise, or good?

I want to make a prediction: in your time of 80 at the age of a dwelling on the past, only you alone to inner telling the story of your life, one of the most fulfilling of that tells that, the most meaningful, you will be a series of decisions. In the end, but our life is a choice. Story of a great life for yourself. Thank you, I wish you good luck!