Amazon can’t help but to show the muscles! A new generation of the Kindle Fire HD photos exposure

mobile intelligent market nearly a period of time, have you I!

Google released a new generation of Nexus 7 , will soon release Nexus 5 ; Samsung launched smart watches the Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note III ; Apple issued the iPhone 5 s and the iPhone 5 c ; This month, Microsoft will release a New generation of Surface tablet. on all giant uniformly dropping his own specialty talents, with the Kindle series of mobile intelligent devices of a certain position of amazon, but in a short time was forgotten by the media. The only rumors is a quite unreliable reports on Wall Street – amazon will launch free smartphone. Although the news over the weekend caused great sensation, but amazon’s official soon to reject said: “we have no plans to launch smartphones yet, and we will not launch a free amazon smartphone.”

however, electricity giant amazon, of course, not watch others show, it is in the waiting game, ready to bask in the sun their presence.

this is not, today from foreign technology press BGR a report, just for we presented several New generation the Kindle Fire HD photos of the equipment.

we can see from the picture, a new generation of the Kindle Fire HD on the design on a large scale change:

, existing equipment of the rounded style were abandoned, but instead is more full of edges and feeling back design;

2 , all the keys are the new arrange the position, so as to make operation more human;

3 , the speaker equipment from the bottom to the top;

4 , back sign out the Kindle , only retained Amazon Logo .

according to BGR reports, a New generation of the Kindle Fire HD will also be more convenient than the previous generation products.

here are the reports of a new generation of the Kindle Fire HD configuration:

New the Kindle Fire HD will use qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 core processor, frequency to achieve . BGR reports also pointed out that the New 7 the Kindle Fire HD screen resolution would increase greatly, from the original pixel upgraded to pixels. Specific configuration is as follows: , LTE , wifi , 16/32/64 gb memory, a front-facing camera.

and New 8.9 the Kindle Fire HD configuration is also approximately. In addition to having a 800 all pixels of the rear camera, the device also has a higher screen resolution: pixel (the original is pixels). , as previously, a New version of KindleFire will carry heavy customized version Android , out of Jelly Bean the operating system.

is a New generation of 7 the Kindle Fire HD will be listed in the next few weeks, while 8.9 the Kindle Fire HD