Amazon also construction: to build with shade building magic crystal ball

abstract: apple’s latest spacecraft office building plan very attention getter. However, in addition to apple, samsung, Facebook, Google, amazon is in a unique “” with shade building. The amazon’s “magic crystal ball” particularly notable.

apple’s latest spacecraft building plan was seize person eyeball, in addition, many technology companies, including Facebook and samsung are also set up a new office building, recently, amazon and Google are out of their new office building construction plan.

according to media reports, the amazon this appliance merchant giant plans to build a building is composed of three spheres, through clever design constitute the five floors of office space, design document has been approved by the relevant departments.

of course, there are a lot of formalities to examination and approval, construction permit, for example, the structure design of the building parts shall be the responsibility of the famous NBBJ, they have been designed more than 330 square feet of a park. The height of the disclosure of the New York times, it may be from 80 to 95 feet, office and garden into the science building. The spherical a 38 layer building next to the building and its between another dog parks and other recreational area.

, by contrast, even more interesting is that Google employees work in a huge data of Marine, CNET called it “the hulking (green)”.

according to their understanding, it is unclear whether the internal construction of the hulk is how of, look from the outside, he has four storeys high, can be seen as composed of many container patchwork, according to expert introduction, design of the building energy consumption is very low, can provide more with less energy consumption efficiency.

Google headquarters project also with NBBJ cooperation, the cooperation of the architect also hosted a samsung park and tencent’s new building in North America.

Facebook also itching, is planning to expand their offices, in addition, apple’s phase 2 project has been approved, a 2, 8 square meters of glass building, building is known as a spaceship.

if according to this trend, the future, there will be more “alien” architecture.