Amazon acquire TenMarks online education companies, to help improve students “mathematical short legs”

the Gospel of the Kindle users again. According to foreign media coverage of science and technology, amazon announced yesterday bought a company called “” online education startup. It is reported that the team’s related services have been integrated into the Kindle products, help those “mathematical short legs gave birth to” improve the math scores.

TenMarks allows users to participate in education curriculum setting, and through the online guide and video courses to help users learn math. TenMarks is also relevant for teachers and parents to provide students learning process and performance, so as to constantly adjust the curriculum. At present, the service has been adopted by thousands of schools. At the same time, the Kindle Fire users can also enjoy this service.

you might ask, why amazon is going to buy an online education company? Xiao yun thought two can explain the problem.

first, supplement the original content services. Education outline, reference books, tutorials, etc all can be sold by amazon as an ebook. And related video lessons can also be used as a membership service (of course, also can be free of charge) for the Kindle Fire tablet users. According to statistics, at present the following grade 12 educatees related publications, can generate an income of more than $5 billion a year. And this is undoubtedly the amazon and other electrical contractor hope huge market share.

second, further expand the business in the field of digital publishing, attract potential customers. Vendors, amazon has always been not willing to do it hope can be further involved in publishing, distribution and other industry chain upstream and downstream. The offer online education company TenMarks, apparently the broad strategic pawn, again and again. In addition, through the provision of mathematics curriculum, amazon also attract more users, such as college students, parents, etc.

however, amazon is not the only one. Giants such as apple, Google, Microsoft is also in the field of education. Previously, apple has many schools in cooperation with the United States, launched low-priced version of the campus, and iTunes University, etc.