Although a step forward, but the Galaxy Gear is not smart enough

as ifa conference of 2013, the much-anticipated samsung smart watches – Galaxy Gear, is finally unveiled its veil “mysterious”.

however, it is still a smartphone accessories, and not be regarded as a independent intelligent watches.

and now most can only watch, Gear can accept phone information notice, can control the music play, also can present a different time display. In addition, the Gear has a 1900000 megapixel camera, a speaker, two microphones, allowing users to shoot 720 p resolution of the following video (720 p resolution video can shoot only ten seconds).

although it is not a mobile phone, but you can use it to call

the following is a Galaxy of Gear specific configuration:

1.63 -inch Super AMOLED screen, 320 x 320 resolution;

mononuclear 800 MHZ Orion processor;

512 MB RAM, 4 gb of storage space;

a 1900000 megapixel camera (af);

315 ma battery (samsung promised battery life can achieve a day);

equipped with speakers, bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer and gyroscope and two microphones.

metal surface and table, and a variety of different shapes of the adjustable strap;

with Android 4.3 ( this means that at present can be used with Gear samsung devices, was only recently released by samsung 10.1 -inch tablet );

in addition, samsung is also trying to through the colorful color, to highlight the style design of the Gear. Tender yellow, reflects the movement energy; And the Rose Gold (Rose Gold), in an apparent bid to attract more women’s favorite. Though samsung official said that Gear very accord with human body engineering, foreign technology media TheVerge after the test, however, indicates that the device in flexibility than Pepple. Although Gear in appearance than appear bulkier than Pepple some, but samsung said the Gear wear up is much lighter than it looks.

support 70 third-party applications

like samsung consistent product strategy, Gear also has rich functions. Besides pre-installed applications such as a pedometer, Gear also supports 70 third-party applications. Including the Pocket, the Path, the company and RunKeeper, etc. The cooperation with samsung third-party applications, can be covered by samsung smartphones Galaxy Gear Manager for installation. In addition, the Gear also support samsung’s Voice Voice assistant application.

and existing so-called smart watches, the Galaxy Gear is not enough smart

although, samsung’s smart watches took a step forward than the existing product, but there are still some shortcomings.

too rely on other devices, such as samsung smartphone, independence is not high;

, gestures corresponding flexibility is insufficient, often appear delay phenomenon;

the speakers placed in watch buttons, the volume is too small, can only be clearly heard in the quiet place phone calls reminding;

, although the samsung official is pointed out that the battery life of Gear for 24 hours, estimates of the number of batteries can be 315 ma cannot support all day;

, not playback music;

the price is too high, as a mobile phone accessories, cost up to $299 (Pepple for us $150);

, unable to turn off the shutter sound;

, power is too low, cannot be started taking pictures function

it is understood that the Galaxy Gear will be released worldwide in the end of September, is expected to be available in in early October to buy U.S. consumers to the product.