Almost five into apple users said it would buy a new iPhone, battery life become the most concerned topic

on 7 September hunt cloud network

according to the world’s sixth largest search engine, according to a survey, nearly 50% of the iPhone users want in a new generation of apple mobile phone after being issued, push to buy immediately.

it is understood that most of these users had said, hope oneself can have more high-end apple devices.

the survey of more than 4 10 iPhone user survey statistics, found 46% people are eager to buy as soon as possible a New generation of iPhone phone. 44% iPhone users wait, more willing to upgrade again over a period of time.

it’s interesting, though cheap version the iPhone 5 c from apple company, also can exceed 60% investigation objects are high-end the iPhone 5 s more interested in.

in addition, the survey found that 40% investigators hope to a New generation of iPhone can improve the battery life. For the previous hype hot fingerprint recognition, there are 34% interested in people. A slight irony, despite the launch of a New generation of iphones more color options, but only 12% the investigators believe that that is the influencing factors of their purchase decision. Otherwise 10% iPhone the user wants to voice assistant Siri can improve further.

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