ALL the IN wireless! Ma compared between challenge WeChat to “war, all employees need to be involved

in the field of mobile Internet, alibaba layout actually already a long time. Since 2009, alibaba has investment UC browser, strategic investment UC in August. In addition, through to the weibo, Scott map, shrimp music applications such as investment. On its own products to build, in January to June this year, ali’s “taobao” client only to surpass the 100 million new users, active users compared with the same period last year increased by three times.

but this for ali, it seems, are still not enough, more action in also.

confirmed by the people more close to ali, alibaba group CEO Mr. Lu on Friday called the whole company ALL managers personally mobilization demand across ALL IN wireless, specifically mentioned “correspondence”, says is “will battle”, “as long as have eaten 30% of the market, the market product experience will be better, wireless Internet and there is hope.”

and conference in September this year, Mr. Lu personally “platform” for this product. Not only that, but he recently often hung in a variety of transactions, and personally participate in function improvement.

get ali high-level support not only Mr. Lu, more important is Ma Yunlai “by”. According to tencent technology articles describe today, ma trying issued a call for alibaba staff become associate product extension, and said “on the radio, we should not consider listing!”

executives hang array push from

in micro letter now almost monopoly domestic mobile voice IM market, easy to believe, and almost has joined the battle for market. Easecredit compared with China telecom, and is in full force of the company to do the promotion, the product owner Zou Mengrui has said the short-term goal is to achieve 10 million users, 100 million a year to do.

on September 23, and the official launch. In order to promote, ali from September 23 to 25, three days, for the user, including “local tyrants gold” iPhone5S various prizes, to nearly 10 million the cumulative amount of budget. Not only that, in the upcoming double tenth a activities, Tmall inside still in planning to do promotion, to drive the product users and visibility.

at present, ali group for mobile social networking platform “and” unprecedented attention, also including Mr. Ma, Mr. Lu and Peng Lei rare executives are quite active in between “populist”, particularly low-key Mr. Lu in going back and forth smiles can not help but at ordinary times, its comments on correspondence became even recent ali news sources, make a lot of media reporters lurking among them looking for the latest news.

jack ma in the network are compared and challenge micro letter as a “war”, “who don’t participate in, who should not stay in the company.” He claimed to be the current communication tools is 80%, the greatest pleasure is to help it grow and improve. This also reflects his big and determination. In order to let all employees embrace, he also asked specifically to each ali people associate must have external users before the end of November 100 users, otherwise regarded as giving up red envelopes (ali internal bonus).

it is understood that alibaba group ALL managers were asked to enter the society, and has set up a dedicated ALL IN cluster, the mobile platform to communicate as part of their daily work. ALL the IN the idea that because of the “Texas poker” popular, its meaning mainly refers to the total investment, go ALL out, walk the line.

wireless strategic priority

the meeting inside the ali is regarded as the mobilization, Mr. Lu clear at the meeting, in addition to pour their friends to build a new generation of interactive platform, will also focus on strategic resources into mobile phone taobao, ali OS, and a forthcoming O2O products.

according to people familiar with the matter, Mr. Lu clearly put forward at the meeting “the company has entered into a state of readiness”, he said the company had identified the “wireless” priority strategy, any product and application priority for wireless applications.

“if your product is not wireless applications, can put down, can not do”, Mr. Lu said to employees, “in every corner of the group, when you think of a fun, interesting, very cool, first think of wireless”.

these statements made at the employee’s direct feeling of the determination to “breakthrough” wireless, and, at the meeting Mr. Lu also constantly emphasize the sense of crisis. Mr Ma emphasize wireless Internet game has only just begun.

“the crisis of wireless Internet is that we only have a little space and opportunity,” “in electricity, alibaba is the Titanic, but I don’t know whether this iceberg has hit”, “the future is no phone, no messages, only the data, we have seen, I would like to peer also has seen”.

it is understood that the old electronics giant nokia and kodak has been frequently mentioned IN the meeting that day, Mr. Lu said nokia’s early success is because of ALL the IN, “it turned out to be do pulp, suddenly found that mobile phone is a great opportunity, put the whole business of pulp industry, to mobile phones.” Also, nokia now difficult, but also because of its IN smartphones agitation arrives response too slow, cannot take baggage ALL IN.

more said Mr. Lu, next, ali will not only from a previous successful business team, the hue of manpower and resources to strengthen wireless team, also requires that all employees should be related with the wireless work target.

here is Mr. Ma internal Posting content:

my current communication tools is 80%. I thought no features, unique enough, but now can not do without it. Because I am the greatest pleasure is to help it grow, perfect… Is made out of good products, perfect, maybe it’s biggest feature is tens of thousands of employees indomitable spirit, with the spirit of yu gong to challenge the letter X…

well 10 years ago, no one will believe that taobao will beat bigger rival to eBay, don’t ten years later we can try? Many people regret not having the opportunity to participate in the war, but this time we everyone can participate in. Who don’t participate in, who should not stay in the company. For every one of us can do, this is not a strategy, and this is ali’s efforts to fight for survival in the era of wireless power.

this time, we can all help, don’t tell me you can’t, unless you don’t want to. Today’s wireless Internet although WeChat so powerful, that’s the same in 2003 and the pattern of the Internet, at the time of sina, sohu, netease is not unattainable, wireless Internet game has just begun…

we and others is not just a technology, strength, we than everyone in ali of unity, patience, perseverance, and speed. What’s more, we are not difference on technology and strength, in wireless Internet, we should not consider listing!

PS: + 100 (each ali people associate must have external users before the end of November 100 users) of the idea is my, is my persistence. Ali people less than before the end of November 100 companies outside of the user, shall be regarded as giving up a red envelope. Originally you should not give a red envelope, of course, there are 100 + may not have a red envelope, no 100 is definitely not a red envelope.