All the “ecological” : ali looking for the secret key of web 3.0

the author: HouJiYong

at the end of last year, alibaba will open strategy, strategy of ali group chief staff officer Ming zeng made full preparations, light opening is about half an hour.

alibaba chairman jack ma said: “the professor speaks too abstract (Ming zeng)”. Ma then started to say “” image. Jack ma, half an hour to let everyone understand. Mr. Ma spoke at four o ‘clock, marketization, platform, ecology, species diversity, and digital. This is summed up in the ali group’s “four modernizations”.

this sets the tone for ali group restructuring. Ming zeng said, this is ali group, the most important job in three years.

ali restructuring is ma played chess game is big. In January 2013, ali group electricity business be broken up to 25 BU (business unit), march, financial group restructuring for four divisions.

in addition, Mr Ma is no longer as ali group CEO, replaced by Mr. Lu, the spin-off ali financial business was renamed the small micro financial business group, ali by Peng Lei ceos.

the change of management system in ali group, why? One reason is that the traditional management method has completely cannot manage now ali group. Another reason is ali group’s business development. Ming zeng says, if ali group to promote the development of an ecosystem in the outside, inside the company must also be ecological.

on April 2nd, Ming zeng told our reporter said: “this reversed transmission with ali group thinking, what kind of management for ali group, the answer is, ‘Mr. Ma said ali four modernizations, the purpose is to build a + external (internal) ecosystem.”

ali’s third age

Ming zeng such thinking three days of the Internet, a bunch of smart people find interesting content and services, pushed to the netizen, this is a web 1.0, on behalf of the company such as yahoo; A bunch of smart people has invented a great algorithm, netizens have content and services through algorithm, this is a web 2.0, on behalf of the company such as Google; A set of Shared technology is open to all people, all people involved in production, content and services need inner capacity and service at the same time, this is a web 3.0, on behalf of the company such as FaceBook.

and at the same time, the ali has experienced three times. Is one of the earliest taobao, taobao, for example, a shelf, hang to taobao sellers, buyers to shopping on taobao, taobao is a shopping platform, this is taobao 1.0; Through search, the network alliance, push the good products to the buyer, this is taobao 2.0; The ongoing is taobao 3.0 revolution.

in the past five years, a lot of SNS probed into taobao, including tao jianghu, ali do buy Pinterest class website, etc. Ali discussed, even if I can do a universal social networks.

for platform, ali the idea now is to share, the mechanism of group interaction method, into taobao communication, service and trading between buyers and sellers of a main products of the form. Ming zeng said, the things have begun to do from the end of last year, only to next year may have the result.

Ming zeng thought, platform, marketization, on the basis of differentiation, personalized, will lead to small but beautiful, species diversity, let buyers and sellers have better a personalized match. In taobao, 2.0 times, is dominated by the small 2 “hot style”, is a standardized product, is a unified service experience, is a large scale.

implementation platform, marketization, species diversity is the basis of digital. Ming zeng recalled, the four modernizations, after “explore, experiment, innovation and make mistakes” repeated cycle.

this is a difficult innovation, Ming zeng said: the classical management theory, regardless of dissecting, or matrix, are traditional industrial production period, the eggs of the linear production mode; The Internet economy is essentially a subversive industrial age model of production, is a true information age, the dominance of the Internet, to subvert the traditional management.

create a build the rules of the game

“four modernizations” ecosystem ali group, must first establish an external ecosystem. Alibaba ecosystem is changed, the purpose is the external ecosystem, and the external construction of ecosystem, and bear the brunt of the treasure.

ecosystem with the rules of the ecosystem can run, with a 2.0 era, is a former taobao rules, now by ecosystem and rules. On April 11, taobao sellers division hong-liang Chen, general manager of an interview with our reporter said, for example, external filling construction idea is “to create a build”.

hong-liang Chen, for instance, such as 30 days free maintenance, three days must delivery rules set by the taobao in the past. But consumers don’t need these rules, such as the need to Saturday delivery, the seller is willing to provide free maintenance a year or more. It would be better by sellers to buyers make the rules together.

the emergence of some new products on taobao, should be in which category? The past is determined by taobao, now by the sellers and the buyers involved in the decision. As a result, let the ecosystem of the participants in the fear of the market force, is the power of fear taobao in the past.

create a build diversified flow channel, the independent innovation taobao flow distribution. On taobao, the seller clannishness phenomena are very common, in cham Lu Xing blocks “slow life” as the example: tonal consistent sellers of unity, not not let come in, come in will be kicked out, with the tonal attract buyers, get traffic.

in the past, the businessman tag set by taobao, now transferred to the seller, play your own tags to attract buyers.

taobao is pushing “heavy light review score,” the seller “credit” is mainly based on buyers and sellers or judge, but the seller’s credibility is diverse, “one size fits all” the rules are not scientific. Now many buyers through comments to find sellers, buyers and sellers mutual at the same time, establish a “community” feeling.

taobao also decided to introduce the insurance agency. Taobao is now set up a consumer benefits, the good faith the seller can’t spend this money, dishonest sellers are not enough. After introducing insurance institutions, increase of dishonest sellers consumer deposit, let rate this lever sellers integrity.

taobao is not only with the seller to create a build, but also with buyers, and create a third party service company. JiBingJian, founder of the red laurel fang said that taobao is not a company, but a contains numerous small kingdom of ecosystem, not a company that twenty thousand people in a fight, but a including more than 700 businesses, more than ecosystem of tens of millions of workers directly in combat.

taobao to do what? The first clean out treasure to provide a very convenient tool, can let the seller to set his delivery time. Second, clean out treasure to be able to set the properties of the delivery time is changed so that buyers can find it. The third thing taobao must do, to ensure that the seller is telling the truth.

taobao ecosystem ali is a group of external ecosystem, including alibaba, bargain, and other business, are in a “ecosystem” experiment was carried out.

management “ecosystem”

in addition to external ecosystem, ali group management will be ecosystem, ecosystem to promote external resources.

Ming zeng said that this round of adjustment of key “is not 25 BU, but rather the One Eco – system”, One of Eco – system has two meanings, One is the One Company, two is 25 BU, basic logic is 25 BU in One Company coordinated development, interdependence.

Ming zeng emphasized is “together”, not “collaboration”, “collaboration” more top-down administrative commands, inefficient, “collaboration” is everyone have a common mission and common direction, everyone automatically synchronized collaborative efficiency is very high.

now alibaba 25 BU is divided into three categories, a kind of vertical business BU, taobao, Tmall, cost-effective, and the independence of air travel, BU is vertical business; The second is the business infrastructure platform, cloud computing, payment, logistics, are foundation platform business.

there are one kind is “Shared business platform, responsible for the vertical business center can share something abstract and at the same time with the following basic platform to get through. Ming zeng said that the most difficult link operation.

with the adaptation of the platform between vertical business through internal open source implementations, namely the co-construction and sharing of the method, the vertical personalized needs of the business with the foundation platform of common can fully meet the requirements.

synergy between vertical business the most important thing is to avoid the competition relationship between BU, the most typical is taobao with Tmall, deals with Tmall.

in this logic, the assessment indicators have also changed. Ming zeng said, without the traditional assessment of financial data to each department, but the inspection: whether to other business units, contributing to the innovation.

in order to achieve the synergy, must be to open source of internal system, and realize resources sharing, sharing and build based on taobao the underlying database. Ali group set up data committee by the taobao business intelligence department senior director sleep is responsible for the car.

on April 11, car goods night an interview with our reporter said that taobao has a few class staff, the person responsible for data mining is a business analyst, business analyst more service one BU department, in a specific business thinking how to improve the business environment; 2 it is decision analysts, transverse see global, such as thinking deals with Tmall relationship, the vertical and a horizontal as a company’s most important intelligence network.

another person is data mining engineer: use data mining approach to find laws, sometimes put rules in data analysis, and sometimes the law directly used in production, such as recommendation system, is to use data mining approach to recommend better products to consumers.

there is a person, be responsible for data development, the production base (BU) data within reasonable absorption, like straws, and restructuring in the data warehouse.

in order to get through the business units, to achieve internal coordination, ma last year sent general Mr. Lu as a CDO (chief data officer). Ming zeng said, old miss tube this time last year, he spent a lot of effort in this above, but also seized several technical people dedicated to come over to do it, is now taking shape.

source: 21st century network