All electric business platform, where visitors began to improve the site union commission rebates

every guest recently launched a website alliance channel commission rebates new policy, will take positive incentive policy, the alliance of site adjust according to the brand royalty for press shop commissions, comprehensively enhance the rebates. Among them, the guest self-owned brand in August to give website alliance rebates generally promote two times, up to 20%.

every guest said, “new policy” rules will take effect from August 1, the adjustment to the coalition is taking a more incentive policy, imposed by the shops, in the form of royalties commission rebates rate was increased. “New policy” rules, every guest own-brand products alliance adsense rebates of up to 20%; Third party brand also is as high as 10%, including part V + apparel products and home appliances, digital products, such as the dress like is to set up a commission website alliance rebates, before it is not.

according to relevant data shows, clothing footwear rebates on other platforms with high and low, dangdang own brand for rebates for 7.5% of the alliance, the third party brand rebates of 5%. Jingdong rebates is 5%, clothing shoes and hats class products day cat is 5% – 10% range, only products are 5% rebates for ordinary goods.

in fact, from 2011 after launch website alliance, every guest who will partner commission from 16% to 10%, the move was part of the partners. Now, in an increasingly competitive electric business platform, that is through some preferential measures to attract the resources, but the online itself, also there are opportunities and challenges.