All efforts are a mirage: HTC strife-torn, chief product officer, etc. A large number of executives

(translation: Tony editor: famous)

according to foreign media reports, HTC’s CPO (chief product officer) small temple kang company has resigned last week. small temple kang si in the HTC, mainly be responsible for the formulation of the company’s macro product strategy. Struggling HTC put all your eggs in ONE basket, released the HTC ONE, and put all their hopes on the phone, but it happened that at this juncture, HTC CPO small temple kang company had left.

actually quit more than small temple kang department of a people. The odd thing is that in the past three months, after a spate of HTC has lost a large number of staff. Recently the company employee including: responsible for HTC, vice President for global communications Jason Gordon, global retail marketing manager Rebecca Rowland, digital marketing director John Starkweather and product strategy manager Eric Lin.

this is not normal personnel changes, but in digging HTC Seattle’s north American operations “ancestral graves” of the organization. Starkweather has now joined AT& T, and Lin and Rowland also have both worked at Microsoft (Gordon hasn’t announced plans to the next step development). We can not help but ask, why are they rushing to choose to leave their old club?

Eric Lin on Twitter even publicly called for HTC employees hurriedly quit:

source said: “anyone who heard about the HTC brain drain, no longer willing to Seattle HTC’s work.” HTC is now and had a doormat t-mobile (t-mobile), the loss of users, caused by AT& T sights and the fate of the intention of purchase (no successful). He said: “they (HTC and t-mobile) are all the same, have already become a thing of the past.”

HTC has been planning a better future for themselves, this is far from what secrets: One last year and this year’s HTC One X has been trying to reverse the decline in company turnover, and do our best to challenge this giant samsung in the market dominant position (so far, these efforts are in vain). Although HTC’s software and hardware manufacturers – Scott Croyle of San Francisco and Seattle Drew Bamford is still in a never-ending research and development, but this year the “departure” HTC is inevitable will give the company’s marketing team cast shadows in my heart. Sources noted that late last year, the new arrival of HTC’s chief marketing officer Ben Ho (formerly served in HTC Taiwan operators FarEasTone) now the chaos in the company have unshirkable responsibility. Because after he took office, he will be part of the planning and the strategic focus from Seattle to HTC back to HTC’s headquarters in Taiwan.

“they’re wang2 xiao3 er4 open a shop, one year than one year”

HTC company morale loss due to it that the mobile phone HTC FIRST. “The hubris of Facebook phone” was originally on the social network by netizens exposure. According to people familiar with the matter, at First, in order to extend the First exclusive starting time, Facebook is going to delay the release (download). Can be released at the First of the same week, Facebook has changed its original plan, the Home on the Play, for people to download. From then on, he said some rumors because of poor sales, First is hovering on the brink of death. Soon after, release of the First price from $99 at $0.99 (binding contract price), which further confirms rumors. As it says on the sources, the phone is a “disaster”.

of course, HTC is much more than this phone, trouble and Peter Chou, HTC’s co-founder and longtime CEO.

some sources said, though Mr Chou has promised, if HTC One, the sales of the flagship phone couldn’t get on, then resigned, but now he himself has become a stumbling block to the development of the company. He patted his head is to make a decision, it has no regard for the company’s long-term development strategy. , it is said that the staff ever remind Peter Chou, HTC they think after One release, the company is likely to face the delay of the production and supply of the embarrassing situation, but Mr Chou did not listen, insisted that no matter what they want to go on with our plan. As a result, the shortage of inventory One just released in a hurry. Especially black HTC One, because than the other two colors (white and silver) more mobile phone a anodized finish the program, and therefore yield more limited.

as the HTC One into a dilemma, samsung globally released its flagship model Galaxy S4. In our interview those people, they all think that is the greatest enemy of HTC, samsung and is it make HTC into more miserable condition. The south Korean giant, produces its own mobile phone screen and chip, and invested large sums of money in the Android producers wars, turned off the other competitors. Although assessment articles has been One of luxuriant design much praise, and many criticism S4 cheap plastic but relatively safe design – and even the design of the old, but still cannot be redeemed HTC One try on weakness in the market.

, the sources said the market performance of One is gradually warming, to some extent, is due to the ease of mobile supply problems. But a month compared to sell 10 million units S4, this is not enough.

HTC in the future? Company of “departure” will continue to spread, if One cannot become a “pet” of the market, the fire may have been burned to the HTC’s top (of course, the premise is Mr. Chou does). HTC, meanwhile, will also be under the great pressure from three aspects: Microsoft released to nokia mobile phones, like Facebook split of all the Home as well as the “eye” Android market share of samsung.