Alibaba’s official: research and development of mobile phone do not comment

sources, ali mobile operating system is developing the seller for mobile phones, with exclusive system, sellers can be implemented on a mobile phone shop all the management and operation, or in the second half of the official launch. Alibaba official in cloud network hunting responded that do not comment on the r&d mobile phone.

last month, alibaba launched a new mobile phone operating system, the business strategy with the platform, opening the way for the terminal manufacturers, operators and other structures, complete ecological system, and chomp chomp, amoi, Kivu, konka, hot pepper and so on five terminal manufacturers launched six mobile phone ali cloud.

as an important extension of the business strategy, alibaba to lock the target market for its high dependence on taobao sellers. The sources, at present has several manufacturers in the talks, including international brand manufacturers.

although alibaba has never officially announced sellers, but according to incomplete statistics, taobao and day cat total registered sellers has exceeded 10 million, which is active in about 6 million or so, the number of individual sellers enterprise sellers in 200000.

the industry analysts say “taobao sell the home was in large part a part-time sellers, they have their own job, can’t be over ten hours a day in front of the computer.” These people said, future use phone seller can completely solve these problems, the seller phone will provide a fully functional operation of shop management, to free the seller from the front of the computer.”

cloud network hunting to alibaba’s official clarified for the news, would not comment on alibaba officials said.