Alibaba’s chief of staff, Ming zeng: to cut into the new way and reverse video field

hunting cloud network news on September 24,

in the media Open Day activities held in this afternoon, alibaba group chief Ming zeng told hunting cloud network, the company will be in a new way into video field, in order to achieve the goal of subversion existing markets.

in his view, the current mainstream video website leading business model has been locked. However, he believed that this value is not to maximize value, business model is relatively simple. Such as large repeatedly watched way behavior is relatively simple, and the means of advertisements for long, also affect the user experience.

but Ming zeng is not at the meeting said ali specific preparation condition. He said alibaba is in no hurry to do the two fields at a draught, but the team will develop, and actively seek the breakthrough point.

in previous ali structure adjustment, has set up a digital entertainment group, including online music, online video, online reading and digital publishing, and other business. And news, former general manager of tencent video chun-ning liu has joined ali and start to in charge of the digital entertainment group, have also reports that talks to buy PPTV, however, the deal is likely to have stalled.