Alibaba will really buy their Allies?

the author: Ding Chen spirit

two days from ali’s $70 million takeover of a mobile developers data platform, according to speculation is likely to be their Allies. Ali and the official response is: “we do not market rumors comment, don’t just assume that problems do respond.” The Allies also did not give a definite reply. Industry also guess here, about ali bought ink weather yesterday evening.

their Allies in August 2010 launched the first domestic mobile application of statistical analysis service, for the application of domestic Android and iOS developers to provide real-time and comprehensive data analysis service, covers the user behavior analysis, operation analysis, analysis of promotion effect, etc. This is lee led by innovation works the second project.

their Allies had announced in July 2011, completed A round of funding, the main investor in matrix partners for this round of funding. Raise up to $10 million. The financing is their Allies after innovation works in November 2010 and angel investment after the second financing; Valued at $50 million.

Weather is

look at ink, the ink is a free weather weather information query applications, can query the current weather conditions and the trend of the next few days, to support iOS, Android and Symbian almost all series of mobile phone, the beginning is a tool type products, but it is now gradually began to life extension service field. Ink weather announced in early March 2013, claiming that its new users already broke 100 million, became the weibo, WeChat, beautiful picture show and Scott map again after a user $mobile terminal product; And the whole active users has reached 20 million

although at present has not been officially confirmed, but ali for the acquisition of the au and ink logic is worth exploring.

remember ali before investment in mobile Internet message message? Ma at credit suisse Asian investment conference in Hong Kong recently said that alibaba group mobile business in three years ago, but hasn’t been with rival tencent and its WeChat service development pace. When jack ma see tencent WeChat users in January this year has more than 300 million people, I’m afraid in my heart more turn to overtake. Ma ali product innovation than tencent, so he clearly put forward by increasing investment and mergers and acquisitions in the layout of the mobile.

the appetite of ali and m&a is very big. In fact, whether entry, community, or data, ali want everything. As long as it is able to help business development on the mobile end ali.

their Allies with a piece of valuable assets: data. Competition in the end, in fact, e-commerce is the competition of data. Ali in data field value is well known. Even the Banks are now increasing fear in ali monster. Because pay treasure to quick pay although brought bank card transactions increase quickly, but on which make Banks lost before they proud of advantage: customer data.

there are more and more customer data by ali in front closure; Not to mention the general merchants to ali financial transaction data of a huge competitive advantage. It happened that is in the mobile terminal, the layout of the ali speed obviously weaker than tencent; And innovation works would do more than a few years ago with an evangelist to investment in mobile Internet several excellent enterprise, one of the most outstanding is comply to the App data master their Allies. Allies while no scale profits, but the data statistics in hand machine applications have status but can’t move easily. And these data for both the user behavior control, or mobile precision marketing electric business advertisements are irreplaceable asset.

ink weather has huge amounts of users; This conforms to the ali demand for mobile “entrance”; “Or” flow requirements. As is known to all, the concept of mobile Internet subverts the PC Internet portal. In PC Internet browser is the first entry tool domain classes; Navigation station and search is the entrance of the Internet information. In the mobile Internet, flow entrance scattered in App. The browser’s status is much less than the PC station so scenery. This cause with vast users a single App users value becomes possible is as important as the browser.

this is on the PC Internet age is unlikely to imagine. This is the most essential reason – ali covet ink users. Destined to micro letter is one of the biggest competitors, and weibo behemoth’s price is too big, the lack of development funds, but with vast users like ink weather App have naturally become very high cost performance targets.

it is well known that ali is a very good at building the ecological enterprises. Before a tao, pay treasure, ali mother, ali cloud, now to the development of the logistics, cat to ali the core assets of taobao and day to build a perfect system of firewalls.

on the other hand, if you understand ali for financial enterprises rather than electricity, taobao and Tmall becomes alipay’s firewall. Ali today, merger and acquisition of mobile Internet completely accords with the ecological system of ma consistent style, by creating a powerful firewall to ali’s mobile strategy can be in an impregnable position for a long time.

source: tencent technology