Alibaba stake in gold: into the first big shareholder layout O2O


several sources confirmed that alibaba is going to take a stake in gold (Nasdaq: AMAP) , for stock which is about about, or become the first big shareholder, message tentatively reported on Monday.

can be used as evidence, the gold price in the past 10 day continues to rise quickly, from 4 on and , 10.5 , rise to 5 on 9 , 15 , or as much as 43% .

according to Scott to the SEC ( the securities and exchange commission ) submit 20 – F annual report file, as of 2012 , 12 on 31 day, chairman of the board of directors of the company Hou Jun as the first big shareholder, accounted for 16.7% ; into the arms of the second largest shareholder, accounting for more than 11% , this means that after successful investment in alibaba will become the first big shareholder.

ali sustained investment layout O2O

in fact, alibaba in the O2O (Online To Offline , the offline business opportunities together with the Internet ) 7 years ago has started. 2006 year, alibaba acquired by a former employee zhi-guo li founded by word-of-mouth network. However, the takeover of word-of-mouth network development has been bad, after travelling for many Times, have been incorporated into taobao, become platform taobao local life ( .

Last year,

10 month, taobao low-key introduced a map service, focused on providing local businesses and discount information query, which is to use gold map. Alibaba jointly invested in citigroup life again after the tintin network information service platform.

map service is the whole O2O industry chain important entrance of the hotel, aviation, ticketing, tourism, vacation, buy a house and car rental services can be combined with a map. Now, China’s Internet the big three, alibaba, tencent, baidu only alibaba the maps of the lack of high quality.

Scott taobao dream

for gold, can obtain alibaba’s strategic investment more significant meaning. At present, baidu will map location for the mobile Internet era is the most important point of entry, is heavy spending map areas, promoting baidu map to the client and to provide users with free navigation services, partly overturned gold fee navigation service.

inside the gold, the future evolution of mobile map is divided into tools, entrance, platform, three levels. Location travel service is the foothold of map, the next map must be solve the problem of ChiZhuHang entrance.

XiJianJun gould, vice President had told sina science and technology in an interview, using a dedicated mobile phone APP or browser O2O service is not the best, the map is the integration of all kinds of O2O services. And alibaba is covering most small and medium-sized enterprises in China’s Internet companies, is important for gold business synergies.

it is reported that gold already planned last year will map into a similar taobao business platform, user opens at every location on the map information point will pop up details page, the page is similar to a small site, Scott will background will directly open to businesses, allowing them to edit page, publishing services and selling products directly, and to provide member maintenance functions.

profit model, the gold is make money by selling value-added services, and can be the CPS ( pay by sales ) way to earn a service into, and Scott can according to user’s location information for accurate delivery.