Alibaba pushing mobile IM WeChat “and” war

alibaba group CEO Mr. Lu an internal email will keep a low profile mobile social platform “and” up front, 100000 yuan in cash reward is not only a kind of incentive, but also a challenge. Although not as telecom and netease “yi letter” public snub, but “from” the outside also as a new rival tencent micro letter, after all, this is the investment after the sina weibo, another alibaba in mobile social movements.

it is understood that as the layout of the alibaba social platform, “and” in July 2012 in the iOS client online. Its position in the social product of people’s life, press close to the key word is: “mobile”, “life”, “contacts”. But in the past year, alibaba does not invest much more special resources to promote friendly intercourse, on the contrary WeChat growth rapidly, savage growth speed of traditional operators to sit still.

in use for a period of time the user tells a reporter, and experience of communication is better than WeChat, sound quality is much better to use voice chat, also has the function of speech private chat burn after reading, for some privacy issue very good protection. How much do you charge for WeChat personality map expression, and from the expression not only free, a little like the line style of pure and fresh.

yong-feng xue analysys international, a senior analyst believes that China mobile IM on the market at present, although WeChat dominance, but not have no chance. And Shanghai an electrical business practitioners believe that convenient than weibo, and stronger than WeChat extensionality, if outside push, it would be a good application.

the personage inside course of study points out, in the field of domestic mobile social, early WeChat beat meters through the function of “near” products, such as chatting allows users to WeChat platform, mass transfer between acquaintances viscosity also ensures basic user viscosity WeChat itself, then update the “shake” and “scan”, “friends” and “WeChat platform”, and other functions, the newly introduced aircraft games, but in fact, in addition to the relationship between friends, other function can not stop the user conversion using other applications. But as in WeChat 5.0 to patronize the turning to commercialization, but poor in the experience, in addition to playing the plane new function module, the lack of bright spots WeChat expression charge also let users.

look at present, and emphatically recommended “cluster” is likely to win the “friends”, because it conforms to the social attribute. People are talking about the interesting topic to attract their friends, then add the “cluster” discussion, the number of people involved, more and more topics are more friends to see, but also indirectly to meet friends of friends in it. In terms of content, the discussion of cluster than circle of friends of the chicken soup of inspirational repost more valuable, but also than the same circle of friends show rich personal photos.

as the user the use of “cluster” will produce large amounts of content, including the user to initiate or participate in, including other friends participate in the discussion, including reprint and comments, these content can improve the user’s replacement cost, and with the content of the bearing and contact more and more, the snowball.

and in addition to “associate”, alibaba for WeChat has begun a series of movement, including the prior version “taobao”, and paypal will also in the mobile client pay treasure to add “public platform/account” function in my purse, “focusing on finance, service aggregation and have long-term marketing demand of large brand”, and this is just WeChat also wish to enter the field. In addition, there are mobile phone shopping software “tao”, the user can directly deal.

there is no doubt that the Internet giant, surrounding mobile social armament expansion has begun, in the fierce competition who can get more market share, to be seen.