Alibaba executives readjustment: appointed maggie wu group CFO

after the new CEO candidate announced, alibaba group announced the new CFO and CPO again, Mr. Tsai, will become the group executive vice President of the board, is responsible for the strategic investment, its previously served as chief financial officer (CFO) will be replaced by maggie wu. Peng Lei will no longer be as alibaba group chief talent officer (CPO), in order to focus on is preparing the alibaba small financial services group CEO, chief talent officer kardashian will take over the alibaba group. The above appointment formally went into effect since May 10.

alibaba group said the appointments, depends on group mature and effective system of management team training, also benefited from in the past few years has been to promote the organizational culture and management structure of upgrading engineering change. Ali group’s contribution to the people in the previous post said sure, and for its future new confidence and expectations.

as one of the founders of the alibaba group, Mr. Tsai has been a group since its inception the alibaba group chief financial officer, at the same time for the alibaba group board of directors. Mr. Tsai and his team led by alibaba group several landmark in the history of trading, and dominated by a series of financing to help completed privatisation and and help alibaba group to buy back yahoo’s stake.

in the future, Mr. Tsai will continue to be responsible for the alibaba group’s strategic investment transactions. He will also be jointly with external important organization, including financial institutions, communication and communication work.

new CFO maggie wu in July 2007 to join the alibaba group, served as chief financial officer of She led the company to the construction of the financial system and help was successfully listed in Hong Kong in November. In October 2011, maggie wu was appointed as alibaba group deputy chief financial officer.

and replaced Peng Lei CPO a kardashian is also one of the founders of alibaba group, 18, since its inception the alibaba group, has been in the company’s operations, and in charge of sales, marketing and management in human resources, rich experience in the field of human resources.

after the march, alibaba group board of directors announced that in the process of establishment of ali small micro financial services group, is responsible for the alibaba group, all the small micro enterprise and individual consumers service oriented business, financial innovation Peng Lei concurrently ali as a little (raise) CEO micro finance.

as announced the appointment of the latest, Peng Lei will focus more Yu Xiaowei financial CEO (chips).

maggie wu resume:

in October 2011, maggie wu was appointed as alibaba group deputy chief financial officer. Maggie wu in July 2007 to join the alibaba group, served as chief financial officer of She led the company’s financial system and help in November the same year on the success of Hong Kong city. In 2010, maggie wu in the financial magazine “Asia financial” was named best CFO in selection of the best companies. In 2012, the privatisation of the leadership of the joint project, maggie wu began to key departments responsible for the alibaba group, the financial organization, including financial operations, financial reporting, internal control, taxation and financial management, etc.

before joining alibaba, Wu Weiceng KPMG huazhen is public accounting firm partner. 15 years working in KPMG Wu Weiceng led many Chinese companies listed overseas auditing and as a partner for a large Chinese overseas listing companies and multinational companies in China to provide audit and financial advisory services.

kardashian resume:

in 2011, served as deputy group human resources CPO kardashian, responsible for ali group human resources work, report to group CPO Peng Lei. Kardashian lady as one of alibaba’s founder, in alibaba stage to create a number of departments, such as service department, sales department, etc., from 2002 to 2002, served as alibaba B2B companies in Chinese market division China trust pass senior director of sales, set up the company’s China telephone sales team. Then in 2005, alibaba’s first general manager of the guangzhou branch, is responsible for the direct selling of guangdong province and telephone sales, marketing and human resources. At the end of 2006 to 2007 years of Chinese yahoo vice President of human resources, 2007 as alibaba B2B companies in the international market division general manager, executive director and President of, 2009, taobao, senior vice President of human resources.

ms dai holds a bachelor’s degree in hangzhou institute of electronics engineering.