Alibaba executives interview series Ye Peng 】 : B2B future work is to build enterprise collaborative platform

recently, alibaba at the media Open Day, hunting cloud network as the only tech blog media to interview a number of key alibaba executives, bring alibaba close observation for readers.

this is alibaba B2B, head of the domestic small business platform, management executive committee members Ye Peng interview summary:


alibaba B2B in July last year began to transition, in 2012, the year a total service, 3 million buyers service Tmall taobao sellers around 100. Last year was 3.35 times of the year before. Small and medium-sized enterprises procurement, inquiry last year produced a total of 530000 enterprises, more than 2 million inquiry, at the same time there are more than 410000 companies offer, 8.28 million responses. Class B business development will be faster than C, because a lot of class C business development to foster the consciousness of enterprise’s electronic commerce.

Business extends

B2B future hope to be able to build two trillions of procurement, wholesale market. Business model hope from purchasing wholesale to processing customized, the upstream industry chain. Ali, the future will continue to deepen the enterprise services at the same time. For small and medium-sized enterprises establish credit files, for example, through financial ali, provide convenience for enterprise loans.

the ultimate platform

B2B is a what kind of form in the future? Around the small and medium-sized enterprise survival, there will be a lot of derivative markets, such as logistics, equipment leasing, recruitment, and so on. Alibaba hope become the small and medium-sized enterprises work collaboration platform, finally can meet all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises demand. On the platform, ali is platform role, a large number of services provided by third parties.

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