“Alibaba executives interview series” shao xiaofeng: impact will become taobao priority this year

recently, alibaba at the media Open Day, hunting cloud network as the only tech blog media to interview a number of key alibaba executives, bring alibaba close observation for readers.

this is alibaba group secretary, chief risk officer shao xiaofeng (guo jing) interview summary:

business development will continue to change

less than 2 years, taobao split, seven swords, and become 25 division, announced a small group, as group CEO Mr. Lu. Alibaba dazzling change. Why would want change? The Internet age, can only change to development, 2 years will be backward, not a model can let enterprise three to five year plan, because the environment is changing, the user habits change.

3 years ago could not think of hand a yearago, conform to the changes of The Times, the change of the high-frequency words, alibaba will continue to change, only the constant change, talent development, to meet the needs of users and use habit.

alibaba has been active pursuit of change, but not blindly in change, but changes according to the development of the Internet.

will split out more independent group

deployment of seven swords and found that each vertical field has a very large market, such as air ticket, travel, with fewer than 100 employees, we can achieve the performance of thousands of people make for other companies.

alibaba for independent split standard, must be able to challenge the existing vertical leader, must be able to transform existing industry, must transform the existing model, with the innovation of improving the user experience, to maximize efficiency.

small, business development more flexible, faster, ship small good turn around. Precipitation alibaba’s message from the underlying system, technical system, product system, the user’s system, credit system solid underlying system, if it were not for the years of accumulation, alibaba didn’t also the ability to break up.

appraisal division?

alibaba from macro point of view, the assessment of 25 division has three aspects, one is innovation. Especially can affect the industry’s innovation. The second is synergy. Build an ecosystem must rely on the close cooperation. More than two dimensions assessment case how much is the standard. Third, in the future! Existing what laid the foundation for the future, this is also the inspection department, the layout of the ability for the future.

ali never make bank

alibaba financial consumers and businesses, small enterprises lack what I would do. Alibaba never thought will be a bank, and insist on around the perimeter of the e-commerce. We only meet the requirements of small micro enterprises.

mobile strategy core is e-commerce

the biggest risk, mobile Internet era, from ali. National policy in the vigorously support the development of the Internet, no big risk. But I can’t, if not keep up with the pace of development of mobile Internet users will vote with their feet.

alibaba’s mobile strategy is a parallel department and group. Division on the one hand, can have their own mobile business, his own client, such as the day the cat also has its own client, has nothing to do with wireless, each department yourself, this is the business department of wireless.

but consider is to think based on the characteristics of the mobile Internet business model, the core is surrounding e-commerce, tried to reshape the electronic commerce mode, even hope that the new model can beat taobao.

alibaba anti-corruption mechanism exposure

business so huge, involving the interests of the vast, ali is dares to break up, thanks to stick to alibaba ten years values, staff and management have a common goal and mission. Alibaba to pursue management system is to have the communication, since the decision of the circulation ability, is a since the operation of the system.

this alibaba inside establish strict anti-corruption process mechanism. There are three aspects. A, establish a set of standardized management and mechanism, any decision system detailed records, regular grooming to found the problem. Second, set up strong hr system, each department to establish a political commissar, political commissar besides do play a role of human, more is to heritage values, but also found the problem at any time. Third, set up special anticorrosive team.

for the existing problems, merciless.

2013 anti-counterfeiting become taobao priority

social awareness of protection for intellectual property rights has reached a critical point, as the taobao ability of the control and inspection, taobao will take the lead in establishing intellectual property rights (ipr) protection platform. “At present, the whole society can’t do, alibaba will first to do it.”

taobao impact have been conducting, 06 07 taobao will set up the fraud team. Clean out treasure to set up a special team last year, thousands of volunteers, to inspect every day.

2013 taobao strategy to protect intellectual property, fraud is the highest priority. Before the end of April, alibaba will release a complete set of the fraud scheme. Inside the joint public security, economic, industrial and commercial, intellectual property protection institutions, such as collection from all walks of life force. Alibaba also establish a large team of volunteers, reporting prize.

alibaba intensify efforts to promote international

alibaba has become an international enterprise, we need to promote the internationalization of rhythm, alibaba will not only meet the domestic, not satisfied as a regional leader, but to become a truly international enterprise influential.

logistics construction will speed up

ali logistics there are two net, a skynet a ground network. The heaven network refers to alibaba’s information network, is refers to the logistics network. This year, alibaba will unite other partners continue to promote the cooperation of logistics. But ali stressed the point that won’t make similar distribution business, ali’s goal is to make the most efficient use of information flow and logistics.

about electrical business tax

about electrical business tax, alibaba has been in communication with the relevant state departments. Alibaba’s opinion is that you want to, but not according to the traditional enterprise tax, not in a regional system, but to set up the tax system is based on the Internet.

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