Alibaba encourages office romance! About 81 ali dual-earner couples

“marriage is the best custom pattern, is a one-on-one personalized service, hope you serve each other, service good parents, I wish you happiness!” A man in alibaba group chairman jack ma, alibaba 688 couple in alibaba riverside park held a romantic collective wedding.

it is reported that this year is the eighth year since alibaba collective wedding, again hit a new record in size, a total of 688 couple involved, including working as 81 that’s right. On the same day, nearly 700 couple in “ “formation, the groom knelt to hand flowers, the happiness index soaring, scene is very spectacular.

don’t dress as long as love

5 on 10 “, this year it is 10 anniversary of the founding of taobao, alibaba therefore arranged for two days of celebration, in the history of the most lively celebrations. The collective wedding as a continuation of the years retention programs and creates a new record this year, to participate in a couple of 688 pairs. 2006 14 of the couple is the total logarithmic, that is, years years turned over nearly 50 times.

unlike in the past, this year the collective wedding don’t walk unusual path, main contracted individual character style, the theme of “don’t dress, as long as the love”. New people have abandoned the dress, suit, hanfu, qipao, such as traditional wedding dress, wear the sweethearts outfit, personality, like a big show.

reporter saw at the scene of the wedding, a couple dressed in cosplay clothing couple seconds kill eyeball, become the most eye-catching star. Originally, the groom is ali Liu Yan lung development engineers, the bride is new Oriental teacher, the couple are cartoon enthusiasts. “We play are fairy tail in the early generation of plum, d via Millie’s and jalal fernand diss. Anime is our common interests, no chance at ordinary times cosplay , this time to catch up with the collective wedding was excited to play it.” Liu Yan said.

there are a lot of new clothes seemingly ordinary, but hidden touching love story. In the new team, the reporter found a multinational couple, the bride Johnny south is ali, the groom is an American guy, the groom wearing the Chinese flag t the T-shirt, the bride wears the American flag t shirts, trousers was dragging a tail. “ tail is he gave me, because he said with its tail would like with him, I go, where he followed me.” The bride cannot hide the feeling of happiness. It is said that the young man to the girl, gave up the United States, all the way to China, surmount every difficulty finally come together.

smell smell ali

it is understood that at the collective wedding couple, out-of-town employees accounted for more than half of 488 that’s right. A lot of people from Qingdao, shenyang, guangzhou and other places all the way to hangzhou, there is even a pair of new people from Taiwan.

this year the collective wedding also appeared a lot of special, they are not employees, ali but taobao volunteer public welfare project “magic beans mother”. The couple from wuhan, their love story has touched countless people. The groom XiaoCai burned in a fire accident a few years ago, facial disfigurement, later because the “magic beans mother” projects and met a beautiful girl fell in love and family. The couple said, hope to the collective wedding ali culture.

in addition to the couple, many employees family also came to the scene the ceremony. Surnamed hu’s parents told reporters: “both my son and daughter-in-law work in ali, the specially come and look at their work place, ali is a caring energetic place, we relieved.”

ma man: term 88 ,

ali collective wedding like a carnival, all immersed in the romantic and warm atmosphere. Witnesses at alibaba chairman jack ma’s field was the climax of the scene immediately. “Starting today, all the girls here, young man, you can convert a character, all want to become husband and wife, and this work is bad to do, to do a do in eighty-eight, two years before I said, I do the ceremony, the ceremony of contract is eighty-eight, eighty-eight years later, you divorced and remarried no problem, within eighty-eight years, who are not allowed to remarry, who are not allowed to divorce, do you agree or disagree with?” As the registrar, Mr. Ma to the couple. Ali has 102 years of dream, so Mr Ma says he’s a man term is 88 years.

he also made a special note to the marriage: “marriage is the best custom pattern, it is one to one service, individualized service is pure, I hope you serve each other, service good parents, good services themselves, work in ali seriously, happy life forever.

on the same day, ali’s foreign employees also play performed the opposite girl see come over, “DaBanCheng girl” and so on Chinese song tribute for the couple, ali ten pie music commune show honor love spun.

81 to

there are many special cultural ali, for example, people have always talked excitedly about office romance. This year to participate in the collective wedding 688 couple, 81 is working.

in many companies, office romances are strictly prohibited. But in alibaba, this is encouragement. “Today’s young people, is narrow social circle, people busy with work and rarely have the opportunity to meet the right person, so the inside is also a good way to find.” Ali aspects is introduced.

is another interesting culture, alibaba is to encourage employees to recommend their friends, alibaba applying for recommendation after such as are hired, references can also get the bonus. It is said that in order to encourage internal employee referrals, the most recent bonuses has risen again, recommend a ordinary employees can get the 1000 yuan even 1 ten thousand yuan reward.

alibaba hr the explanation is: one is the most familiar with his own staff of the company, understand the company culture, also know your friends, whether he (she) is suitable for clearly.