Alibaba and the hkex to reach an agreement Determine the listed in Hong Kong

hunting cloud network news on October 8,

hunting cloud network from close to hkex senior personage reliable news, alibaba have agreed and the Hong Kong stock exchange, alibaba listed in Hong Kong for sure, but the people refused to disclose the specific time ali listed.

the people familiar with the matter, including alibaba founder jack ma, chief financial officer, Mr. Tsai, alibaba officials recently about Hong Kong and the hkex. It is important to note that the Hong Kong media reported yesterday, alibaba hkex negotiations, “ali, the largest single shareholder softbank as a major compromise, to give up its shares held by more than thirty percent of voting rights, the purpose is to let ali can adopt” partner “system way.”

for the news, the people familiar with the matter said that more than basic facts are correct, but alibaba and hkex does not like report, still in the stage of negotiations, but the two sides have reached a consensus, hkex accept alibaba partner system. But as for the details of the talks, the people on suspicion of important secrets, declined to comment on.

this personage to hunt cloud network stressed that alibaba determine listed on the hkex. On alibaba have agreed and the Hong Kong stock exchange, alibaba said official declined to comment.

prior to that, because alibaba partner system is put forward, the Hong Kong stock exchange have been communicating and alibaba, the industry also from alibaba to list in Shanghai even anecdotal hearsay.