Ali why do big data?

the author: ke-xin wang

alibaba chairman jack ma’s “platform, finance, data” three-step strategy is gradually clear. Following the ali group structure adjustment, to form a small financial services group, after ali the mysteries of the big data also reveal step by step.

on April 11, ali at the media Open Day, taobao business intelligence department chief business intelligence officer car product big data disclosed to outside ali progress for the first time.

car products that, in the future, the data will become the company’s core competitiveness. Ali group data has the advantage that users from search to browse, payment, formation depth of deals, in which each node will produce large amounts of data. He says, ali group owns data up to 30 p (1 p=1 million GB).

however, the current data people face a paradox: collect how much data is enough? What data is useful? “Most of the data haven’t release the value. It’s useless to try very hard to collect data, where is the value must be found.”

at present, taobao is establishing “data”, namely the data map. Each data produced by a number of data, set up data map, traced back to the source of data, improve the quality of the data and value.

ali has carried on the preliminary application for data, such as launch data cube, poly stone tower, and other products, set up a small financial services group. Another, according to people familiar with the taobao internal is establish DMP (data management platform), the current ali group internal use only. “Today, ali group is ali financial benchmarking data products. We hope that more can appear benchmarking.” Car said.

The data in the

o ambition is not limited to the tao within. In 2010, ali launched a new website, the goal is to do an entire network shopping search engine; In 2011, the taobao purchase CNZZ, CNZZ launched late last year recommended “cloud” content recommendation engines; Taobao union restart “ali mama” brand name in 2013, mainly from taobao by service department stores to open so all advertisers oriented advertising trading platform; Ali and sina weibo still further negotiations, Tmall, bargain, taobao travel business in the docking with the sina weibo; In addition, the sources said, ali recently completed service platform for mobile developers acquisition of friends.

“not to ali group’s ambition is very, very big, want to build that includes all associated with the consumption Data platform, including entity class the consumption of goods Data, service class, Data, financial Data, etc., and with their own Data platform as the Center to establish Data Exchange Center. That is to say, who want to get the data, on my platform, or change in monetary terms, or use the data to change.” Analysts have pointed out.

why do ali data?

in the field of big data, ali has unique advantages. Car sleep think, the amount of data that are mainly composed of search, baidu is the front, but not enough depth. Ali group data has the advantage that users from search to browse, payment, trade chain formation depth.

“baidu is based on the existence of information retrieval tools, it is technically and collection of classified information, there are some advantages. For ali, the advantages of it in the big data is the most comprehensive information, and the most commercial value, including your purchase information, credit information, financial information.” DCM executive director ramon zeng said.

a person close to ali’s people think that, from the point of business model, ali are faced with the problem now is that cash basic by two ways, one is advertising, 2 it is trading commissions.

“trading commissions range is limited, such as 3%, 5%, could not have unlimited closed down, can only hope that the size of the market continued to expand. Although in expansion, growth in the back. Advertising also is such, can accept advertising is limited. Advertising to go forward, will encounter baidu this strong competitor.” These people said.

but ali can in terms of business data, business data calculation to find a good path. “Baidu can tell advertisers, this product is today how many clicks; Ali, can you tell me how many people are buying, which model is the most popular, what kind of hits this is less than other companies do.”

if the electricity is the first stage together spell, the spell price, credit services, the second phase will spell the digital operations, from production to sales of each link all need data.

“at the primary stage of electricity is to sell goods, the future will be selling data, selling value-added services.” A third party service providers that e-commerce industry. For ali group, the future of big data will be worth far more than the current advertising and trading into a model of value. Warburg pincus investment partner, huang began this parable: “if you compare taobao, a piece of fertile land, as long as take a bamboo sticks to the ground a pestle, oil will come out. What is oil? Is a large number of buyers and sellers of all transaction data behind the commercial value.”

the three mountain before the big data

big data is just beginning. Car products that, before the current data has three mountain, is a data quality as the bottom line. If you don’t reliable raw materials, will not be able to take advantage of. Second, balance data security and open, open is hard, but open the biggest problem is that the data security. Third, to carry out the digital operation, only when a large number of employees understand data, using data to business decision-making, to explain the company started the digital operations.

car sleep think, open data is the absolute principle, the isolated part cannot constitute the whole. But the biggest problem is that the data security deal with open, if there is no deal with security problems, open need careful. “Close the door to certain security, but the data cannot be applied. Need to balance security and application of intermediate point.”

“used to be three boys no water to drink, today in the era of big data is three monks have water to drink together, because of very large data industry test the combination of technology and business.”

he believes that the future will be using the data to get more data, form a positive cycle, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit.

but for ali data current opening progress, car product to be cautious.

he, for example, if taobao sellers want to know the information of the customer, can be part of the open, but you can’t know the user behavior in other shops; Shops privacy, trading information belong to will not open a store information to the competition rivals, but you can open the average information of the industry. And if the industry is only four stores, you are very easy to guess the other three stores. Safety degree, it is a game.

“open data, or too early, today it is difficult to grasp.” Car said, to some extent, the open test data is the data of conscience, and experience.

source: tencent technology