Ali teamed up with five ministries anti-counterfeiting first blood selling fake phone fraud gang has been captured

on May 18, a total of 11-6 men and five women suspected of criminal gangs seized by police in hangzhou success, the gang suspected on taobao sell fake phones and implementation of fraud.

recently, taobao by active members after-sale found multiple sellers using platform release cheap fake phone fraud behavior, and immediately get in touch with hangzhou police, set up a project team. After more than a month of tight deployment and accurate positioning, hangzhou yuhang police in conjunction with the shenzhen police on the afternoon of May 14, will the gang captured.

the successful capture of fraud gang also making the alibaba group in April this year to start five ministries to crack down on Internet the first shot of evil forces.

use low-cost entice consumers when

in March, Ms. Feng is going to buy a samsung i9100 white cell phone on the Internet. Careful she shop around, find the name of “samsung direct sales store” guangdong sellers dirt cheap price, market price 3000 yuan, this shop sells 1500 yuan.

so, ms von by wangwang, consult the shopkeeper: “why the price so low? What is the real thing?”

“because the store wanted to drill, and these phones to goods channel is different, so the price will be lower, but must ensure that is the real thing.” The seller reply is very reasonable.

is so a to chat for half an hour, Ms. Feng feel the seller attitude is sincere, so decisive order payment.

as a result, she didn’t know that oneself bought a fake phone. Ms. Feng immediately made contact with sellers.

the seller also generous, promised to ms feng returns. Requirements, send phone back to ms feng promised a refund immediately after receipt of the phone. Ms von send mobile phones, two days later to see the express list have been each other to sign for, but at the moment, and then contact the seller, the seller has disappeared. In desperation, Ms. Feng complain to taobao. Taobao, according to ms fung provide documents to judge its complaint was established, in order to avoid consumer losses, taobao made first compensate pays to Ms. Feng.

taobao joint police fraud gang active screen

recently, taobao by processing the member after found multiple sellers use platform to release the behavior of low-cost mobile phone fraud, and from September to April this year, taobao’s related complaints has increasing trend. According to the feedback from the customer service department, as of April 2013, the company has for the rights of first compensate pays nearly 2400 buyers.

high rates of such cases, not only affect the normal business taobao trading activities, but also varying degrees of damage for the consumers. To curb the spread of this kind of case in time, to further crack down on Internet crime, purified network market, in April this year, taobao to establish a security team, and take the initiative to get in touch with hangzhou yuhang police, yuhang police immediately began full investigation of astonished.
After more than a month of investigation, yuhang police found the group arrival area in huaqiang north, shenzhen city, guangdong province communication market, gang members are for guangdong jieyang. Clear after the criminal gangs context, yuhang, police initiative from May 13 to shenzhen, the shenzhen police, with the help of action and the next day afternoon, every captured fraud gang eldest brother hou a (male, 23 years old, born in jieyang, guangdong province), 11 people.

upon preliminary examination, the suspect confessed, the gang registered more than taobao handset sales shops, by selling fake samsung, millet and other mobile phone, at a low price, such as gray, attracting customers to fraud. Because of involving Numbers, range is wide, the series of detailed case, the police is still under further investigation.

ali group, active prevention and control to ensure consumers’ rights and interests of

in fact, since the beginning of the year alibaba group has already started to crack down on Internet comprehensive trading counterfeit, malicious fraud initiative for a long time. And on April 23, announced to the public security department, quality control, version, administrative law enforcement of intellectual property, industry and commerce and other relevant government departments jointly set up “to crack down on fake and shoddy, the protection of intellectual property rights, create e-commerce healthy environment” the depth of the cooperation mechanism. While the capture is to the success of selling fake phone fraud gang alibaba group teamed up with five ministries jointly combat network evil forces near the first record since January.

alibaba chief risk officer, said shao xiaofeng on e-commerce platform, because every transaction is recorded on the technology and each ShouJiaZhe information has a track record, this means that the traditional offline because of the concealment of the fakes, and the characteristics of the spread widely, and lead to find fake difficult problems get solved. Internet technology to the management of intellectual property protection and produce fake and inferior commodities provide more favorable conditions.

by the public security, industry and commerce, quality control and other relevant administrative law enforcement departments to alibaba group, promote more closely, the depth of the long-term and effective cooperation mechanism, combined with alibaba in the network impact and the protection of intellectual property rights on the experience and technology, to share information report, cues, case study and professional training, and to undertake specific work and collaboration long push, really realize the protection of intellectual property rights and produce counterfeit goods online synchronous management, strive for counterfeiting, ShouJiaZhe extermination, really formed a system of protection of intellectual property rights of all-round

since 2010, through taobao clues and selective examination and identification of the suspected sellers of counterfeits, after gaining sufficient evidence from the relevant channels, alibaba group, and administrative law enforcement departments effective cooperation, will develop the protection of intellectual property rights to the offline entities, extended to a large output fake fake goods distribution center until production base, and brought down a lot of other brands of counterfeiting chain, to assist the adidas, jack Jones, WENGER, pure, and so on brand to crack down on fake goods. In 2011, taobao actively respond to the ministry of public security “strong-arm reaction” call to action, the initiative to the public security organ to provide clues to more than 400 of counterfeits. Among them, the joint hangzhou police “candid action”, to capture all kinds of illegal workers more than 80, 11 destroying criminal gangs. In 2012 alone, alibaba will provide clues to the police involved 72 brand commodity information, the total amount is 170 million yuan, the total number of 324 people, captured suspect gangs number 43.