Ali strategic investment sina weibo to hatch new products

the author: Wang Liyang electricity researchers

in the more than half a year, ali investment sina weibo finally the dust settles, controversies surrounding the investment and schools of thought contend. There are fears that weibo will lose credibility, but its credibility? It has long been dishonor; Some people think that ali will ruin sina weibo, and yahoo China, for example, today’s Internet industry has already been changed, more and more people are intelligent and will play more and more, we can consider these problems, don’t spend 5.86 $buyers think that?

Mr. Ma’s statement is a strategic investment sina weibo can quickly complete socialization in mobile electricity, electricity field layout, but some worry that sina microblogging to buy a large taobao platform. I don’t think so, ali money not for the occupation of sina weibo, is to use the resource superiority of sina weibo hatched in accordance with ali in the development of new products.

as you can imagine, weibo flying on taobao guest promotion can only forced most weibo users, sina weibo is not two, ali don’t silly, 5.86 $can’t buy the lifeblood of weibo, 5.86 $is not ali for naught. Don’t put the parties want to mt., weibo will become a guide in taobao platform, but the play is not ruined sina weibo.

the main body of weibo is not online, but slightly larger flow diversion effects on taobao, ali want to do is to put those on taobao plays an important role in the filtering flow, on the basis of sina weibo guide to build a new platform. So without harming weibo, on the basis of the original operating mode, ali to hatch a huge electricity value guide social platform.

no strategic investment, it will not be able to complete. Sina don’t understand the electricity, do not buy a decent platform, ali understand electricity but do not have enough resources, social flow can do it. But now is different, the two sides consistent aim, benefit sharing, can jointly produce guide electric business platform for the socialization, the next three years bring sina weibo 3.8 $e-commerce marketing and socialization of income a little too.

ali don’t do this, can only be more guide social website to share its advertising revenue, especially when the bigger beauty said, mushroom street is more and more difficult to control, the only threat ali’s advertising revenue, and in the future may turn more traffic to other electric business platform, it will shake the foundations of the ali. Ali choose investment sina weibo as guide electric business platform for building socialization is a very wise choice. Ali next to do is say to beautiful, mushroom street guide and other large web sites, buy master control of the market.

guide joint sina weibo hatching a leading platform just ali to do one thing, the other in the layout of the mobile Internet is ali to do. Tencent micro letter market position, is ahead and weibo cooperation with ali can rise to 1 + 1 & gt; 2 effect, both alone is not enough to fight micro letter, but united have a lot of suspense.

if ali and sina can get through the diaphragm between social networking and online shopping, will produce a more sparks. For example, if a user can take taobao for gold, set points, treasure, mall points and other points to use on the sina weibo, that will make the sina weibo has more value-added services to expand capacity, and the use of all kinds of integral taobao will be reused.

taobao has lost its own platform hatched good social class product of the imagination, and ali use sina weibo platform incubator social products are very imaginative space. In addition, the data is the key to the future of the Internet industry competition, ali has the electricity data, social data will make it more competitive advantage, data service is also the focus of the future development direction of ali.

sina weibo’s own commercial exploration has no effect, there is no too much imagination and in ali’s hands, it will have very big effect, ali 5.86 $account for stocks 18% , it is worth, sina weibo also value. Personally think that this is a win-win strategic investment.

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