Ali small shareholding structure will be announced soon this information cannot be missed

(editor: qing nan)

in the current Internet increasingly hot under financial, layout has already become the leading domestic financial ali has become the focus of the industry. Now the company is doing what, how about the progress?

under the first to get to know the little is still in the preparation of ali micro financial services group (chips) (officials say the name of the abutment, hereinafter referred to as: ali small micro) history. After 2011 from alibaba pay treasure “individual” development in two years, ali group in February, has carried on the structure adjustment, to pay treasure together with a group of financial business, to adjust the domestic enterprise group, the international enterprise group, sharing four large enterprise group and innovative financial enterprise group. Which formed the ali small business main body in the financial services group (chips), respectively, for the payment (paypal), small loans (the original ali financial department) and the innovative financial (balance treasure and insurance financial management, etc.). In march of this year, ali group officially started a ali small financial services group.

now, half a year has passed, ali small internal adjustment and consolidation is nearing an end, some new business direction or on the surface.

ali small equity structure at

in yesterday, on the day of small micro CEO Peng Lei ali said, will soon announce a small shareholding structure of micro financial services. According to her introduction, will announce the company’s name and the specific matters. Before that, subject to multiple factors, the preparation of ali small group equity has not been disclosed.

Peng Lei introduction, ali after small group listed appearance, will be formally with ali empire alibaba group, the novice network formation of three major business.

in addition to business level integration, introduced one of the most concern is to pay treasure equity. As is known to all, ma in 2011 to pay treasure to dissociate from ali group, under the zhejiang alibaba e-commerce co., LTD., a wholly-owned holding. Among them, ma holds 80% of the company, Xie Shihuang 20% stake. The outsiders, on equity belongs, alipay has no correlation with ali group.

today, with inclusion in ali and the original financial business small group, pay treasure or the original financial business relationship with the group or subtle changes will occur. One of the biggest variables is pay treasure equity issues.

Peng Lei pointed out that, due to the alipay VIE, ma in the past two years to huge, ali is also refer to a “credit bankruptcy”, but believe that with pay treasure equity is more clear, it will soon emerge.

balance treasure will not cooperate with other monetary fund

the balance Po in June after launch, before quickly attracted great attention. According to latest figures, balance treasure account user has more than 16 million, the cumulative explain buy monetary fund, has more than 13 million. Such data and makes store funds become users of the largest public funds and China’s largest currency funds. According to the deputy general manager castellanos, in the national rankings, more than 90 funds now ranks 5-10.

hot behind, is not only a product in terms of convenience and benefit guarantee attractive, pay treasure to large user base is also important factor. According to ali FanZhiMing explained to the President of the small domestic enterprise group, it is because the large users, funds need to ensure safety and to ensure that the user benefits, so ali just consider holding in store in the subsequent cooperation fund.

however, this also means that to other monetary fund closed the door, because pay treasure attribute properties for the platform. FanZhiMing small domestic enterprise group President, ali made it clear that pay treasure after holding celestica fund, no longer cooperation with other monetary funds, but can reach a cooperation and other types of financial products.

or will be involved in peer-to-peer (P2P)

P2P microfinance transactions between financial refers to the individual and individual, mainly based on network platform to establish lending relationship and complete the related formalities, web side to obtain income. Now this pattern in domestic development taking shape.

at present, ali small micro hasn’t been into this field. However, according to ali small micro financial institute, till the end point of view, and ali has involved in the condition of P2P, “if the future ali P2P bad debts rate control to less than 1%, can try to do the P2P. But this is only a person point of view, as for ali will not to do, when to do, also need the business layer to make a decision.”

his judgment for the following reasons: Banks can now control the loan default rates of between 1% and 2%, and the small loan default rate is 0.9%, ali and alipay asset loss rate is one over one hundred thousand.

if ali for P2P business, means that the loan business is no longer limited to ali’s small businesses, also can be extended to the average user.

pay attention to the network bank

in suning, jingdong and other kinds of Internet businesses launched private banking licence applications, there are media reports said has always claimed that don’t do alibaba also intends to set up the network bank, have even called capital 1 billion, or the location of wenzhou, etc.

although small group innovation finance enterprise group President ali xiao-ming hu in answer, said has not heard of 1 billion or the city of wenzhou, but it is not completely deny applications. For alibaba, “he said, we have to keep an eye on this thing, keep interest.”

to apply for Internet banking licences, helped support till the end, from the perspective of industry research. “In theory, the network bank is feasible. If the time is ripe for the network bank model, why don’t you do that?” But its categorically deny that ali has been submitted to the network bank, says there is no timetable.