Ali released smart TV operating system Building smart TV ecological alliance


7 on 23 days afternoon, alibaba group released ali intelligence TV the operating system, and running the system to TV media’s first generation of box products. Ali TV operating system will be through television, set-top boxes, mobile phone terminal, which is closely linked with the consumer life and connected to the core functions such as e-commerce, Internet payment, to provide users with a new way of intelligent life.

therefore, alibaba group and Internet TV broadcast platform, box manufacturers, set up with TV manufacturers, chip makers and other intelligent TV ecological alliance. First joined the alliance enterprise including, TV media, haisi, cisco, huawei, haier, skyworth, changhong, konka, Mstar (star), Amlogic a wafer (morning), all volunteers, etc.

on the same day, alibaba group with TV media also announced a strategic cooperation, hand in hand with the first generation of carrying ali intelligent TV box products rainbow “TV” of the operating system. And, more importantly, TV media Internet TV broadcast platform will access ali intelligent TV operating system, is responsible for the overall video content services. In addition, skyworth and haier, changhong and other traditional TV industry giants will be launched in the near future to carry ali intelligent TV smart TV of the operating system.

ali TV together push the first generation of box

bandwidth to ascend, as the family sitting room entertainment based on open Internet video services become mainstream application conditions have become more mature. For the current intelligent set-top boxes and intelligent TV products, video audio playback still is the basis of consumers need to function. TV media to ali intelligent TV Internet TV broadcast platform operating system. At the same time, the two sides jointly launched with ali intelligence TV the operating system of the first generation box products rainbow “TV” and released on the day.

as one of the first to get the Internet TV licences of TV media, has China’s largest Internet TV user base, its Internet TV business terminal integrated volume has exceeded the 2300 ten thousand, activate the subscriber 800 .

Wasu Media Holding Co., Ltd, chairman and CEO LiYiQing said that TV Internet television broadcast platform and ali intelligence TV perfect fusion of the operating system, will bring smart TV user subversive operating experience, to provide the most rich audio-visual enjoyment. Close cooperation between the two sides for the healthy development of the intelligent TV ecosystem, and also the most powerful drive exemplary role.

alibaba group vice President yu says, TV has very good accumulation, in the field of television and the Internet have been age of exploration and innovation. We are very bullish on combining with TV, we also hope it can promote the whole intelligent TV industry upgrade provides a successful example. At the same time, the two sides also said together, will try to play to their respective advantages, actively expand industry related links, improve the content of service ability, enhance the user’s experience.

ali TV open operating system intelligent life

now, smart devices have become the indispensable important component of people’s lives, in addition to smart phones, PC , and other equipment are moving into the direction of intelligent. On the other hand, for young users, their TV consumption habits to active and personalized. Because PC let them “only see my love” and the point is, the television must be from a user experience on put them back on to the front of the TV.

but smart devices to really into the life of people, hardware is not the driving force. The cloud services, applications and the establishment of ecological system can give users really intelligent life experience. In other words, the Internet services and applications from the old terminal equipment to the new terminal equipment of a transfer.

but the current industry situation is generally, though various types of video audio content rich and value-added services, but in many families, the intelligent function basic Internet TV are buried. The cause of the embarrassing situation, one is really can help users experience the application of intelligent life and genetic services general lack of Internet, and even copy; Another is based on the TV product service on the smoothness perfect link also can’t get through, one of the most simple example want to pay the utilities in the home, only to find that can’t realize payment.

Ali intelligent

TV operating system, the biggest characteristic is to thoroughly through e-commerce and online payment function, seamless access ali e-commerce platform and the bottom of the online payment platform. The first access to the bargain, alipay and pay treasure payment services utility function. With the PC end and mobile end, based on the intelligent TV interface of the operating system to adapt to the television screen targeted design and use of process optimization, users log on to their taobao or pay treasure account, browse and payment to buy goods can be easily accomplished.

screen more interaction is the direct embodiment of intelligent life, will the phone’s screen, and even more screen through the television screen, users can truly experience the fun of the screen to interact more. Ali intelligent TV the smartphone application form a complete set of operating system will be introduced, install the application, the user’s smartphone immediately turns into a remote control, can be all operations on TV. Will also implement content between mobile phone and TV at the same time, users of mobile phone pictures, video can be presented on the TV screen.

in addition, ali intelligent TV application of the operating system market, for broadcast platform extension and application of industry integration provides the convenience of various entertainment functions, such as shrimp and listen to music, play games, etc. It is reported, ali TV the operating system is trying to and mobile phone operating system on the basis of get through, realizes the TV video calls, and other functions.


TV alliance revolution

the development of the traditional TV industry has been stagnant for a long time, from the point of view of the whole industry, the television industry ecology and the past doesn’t have any different. Relying too much on the remote control, single product function, using frequency drops rapidly, has let television industry to the dilemma.

you can imagine, intelligent TV will launch a new round of league TV industrial revolution and screen. Ali intelligence TV operating system solves the TV screen and background through e-commerce and online payment problem, for TV industry revolution and push Internet TV commercial operation has brought a good opportunity. It also drew a renowned TV makers such as skyworth, changhong, haier, etc, they will be launched in the near future with ali intelligent TV smart TV of the operating system.

cisco greater China region vice President wu bin made comments that, as the world’s leading network equipment maker, cisco profoundly realize intelligent TV on behalf of the significance of the ecosystem of intelligent TV ecological alliance, as well as the core component in the league, ali TV the operating system has very strong confidence. It can not only for the individual operators to provide the most fast and reliable local technical development support, also combines the unique to alibaba pay and e-commerce services framework, you can get an unprecedented market opportunity.