Ali partner system has three years ago for the key management

on August 27, news, alibaba new partner system has caused widespread media attention. People close to alibaba, insiders said ali partner system was implemented three years ago has a peculiar belong to alibaba management innovation. Partners are all have strict requirements, do you want to work in the company more than 5 years, also want to accord with the requirement of individual character and company culture. Otherwise, ali shareholders yahoo and softbank, support partner with more than half to nominate directors.

earlier this month, the Wall Street journal quoted people familiar with the matter said, because the hkex does not allow dual share structure, so the alibaba and the hkex is discussing by way of “innovation”, it is known that ma probably owns a 7% stake in alibaba, softbank and yahoo hold the equity of 36.7% and 24% respectively.

and then, the Hong Kong economic journal reported that alibaba group company to hkex partner system listed Suggestions are put forward. The system will allow partners, including ma, nominate more than half of the directors after listed.

the people stressed that under the partner system, partner only on to nominate directors have greater rights, but director nomination was to stay by the shareholders vote, the company all need a shareholder vote, all the shareholders according to the ownership right to vote, shareholder has the right to veto the nominations in the shareholder meeting and other Suggestions.

people familiar with the news that ali to do “one hundred – year – old”, hope to keep for a long time, business philosophy and corporate culture than alibaba too much outside pressure to pursue short-term interests, such as fund managers to buy a number of shares, will put pressure on the board of directors of the company, to change the board composition and the management idea, the pursuit of short-term profits.

the people at the same time, according to research on ali is currently and the hkex, partner might take a step back, reduce a director nominated them. He said at the same time, the big shareholders yahoo and softbank, ali have half to nominate directors arrange support partners.

according to public information, partner of alibaba’s management system have been launched since 2010, alibaba now a total of more than 20 partners, including ma, Mr. Lu and Mr. Tsai and other executives. And these partners, and from the leader of each business unit.

alibaba, insiders said ali partner system truly brewing on the 10th anniversary of alibaba group. In 2009, the group of the party to mark the 10th anniversary of 18 group founder collectively as “the founder of” identity, then, in 2010, a system of partner, is for the sake of alibaba’s mission and values.

according to introducing, partner candidates for more than three-quarters of the current agreed to be elected, is no term chosen partner, until resignation or retirement. The only purpose, set up the system is in order to make the alibaba’s unique corporate culture is not diluted, let alibaba real sustained development in 102.

source: sina science and technology