Ali mother started one hundred million yuan “orange led to foster plan”

fruit, 800… Behind these familiar cell phone APP has a group of ali and her mother cut open platform group – orange led grow up together, they along with the development of the network shopping, wireless applications, has gradually become the main force of Internet startup.

on July 24, ali mother in “orange” foster announced plans to launch meeting, will bolster funds set aside 100 million yuan to promote “orange” growth, including the year 50 million cash funds, 50 million income subsidies and open platform subsidies, etc.

ali mother, said general manager wang hua is the year of platform upgrade, ali mother will in products, services, data and so on various aspects to orange to bring more support, platform is expected to the year is divided into 5 billion yuan, in which wireless 500 million. And consumer behavior data based on taobao mass goods libraries support, ali mother will create an open, for the “orange” win-win platform, the construction of a sustainable development of the e-commerce ecosystem.

one hundred million yuan to foster “orange brought new generation

as one of projects of fostering entrepreneurs, meeting launched the “I am the orange led” – ali mother the first contest of innovation and development, in addition to provide the participants the attention of millions of support funds and venture capital, also have the opportunity to participate in ali mother partner incubation program, become the next “library”.

in the meeting, ali mother also announced the promotion of window, for selling, and many other products for direct cash subsidy policy, has the potential to foster more media, webmaster. It is reported that recently the window to promote ongoing summer promotions, partner as long as apply to the fostering programme, can get the commission income outside the perks of 20% to 30%.

in addition, the ali mama also launched taobao guest membership growth system, according to different levels of taobao launched personalized support to clients, such as pick up gold on a web page can be all kinds of taobao promotion link directly into taobao guest promotion, on the premise of do not take up website media advertising, webmaster provide extra income ability; U stand, can you help taobao guest free website fast, in-depth contact taobao users, help the webmaster and taobao guide to build high quality content. These new products, whether in the profitability of the product, richness or from the convenience of content, will help the masses of “orange” grow up together.

wireless alliance into this year or 500 million launch “love taobao” innovation business

with the outbreak of the mobile electricity, wireless Internet “orange” is leading business groups. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, wireless taobao passenger volume has increased by almost 300%, is expected to the year is divided into is expected to exceed 500 million yuan.

in order to help these fast-growing wireless taobao guest, ali mother overall strategy this year will follow the thinking of “open and co-prosperity”, through the open mobile API access to build wireless platform, encourages third-party developers based on API interface development of various types of electrical components, developers and consumers to build open platform, promote the development of the mobile market. At the same time, ali mother also will return through the technical service fee, good partners in the form of a reward, the wireless taobao guest of different levels to foster.

Ali mother

at the same time, the meeting also launched a wireless terminal APP marketing business – “love it”. According to introducing, “love taobao” is an innovation to the existing wireless marketing form, different from the PC marketing implant, “love it” through the cooperation with the content of the partners, according to the user’s behavior characteristics and scene Settings, make the front show more rich, more imaginative, on the premise of not bother consumers complete commercial content output, making marketing is truly integrated into the APP services, stimulate the potential demand of the consumers through content marketing, achieve the win-win of the user and the promoter.

at present, the business has been with us a picture show, ink weather nearly 100 partners to establish cooperation relations, such as ink, the weather, for example, in the future the consumer can find an umbrella on the weather icon, sunscreen, such as goods, through a more humanistic scene recommend improving consumer experience.