Ali mother open TANX RTB SSP platform overall layout

cloud network hunting, July 16, ali mother announced officially opened TANX SSP platform, it is understood that the platform to upgrade technology and the promotion of window products of real-time bidding CPM pricing model for open media to provide a full range of extension services, through real-time competition technology can significantly optimize the media income, provide marketing resource management and the function of accurate orientation, improve the efficiency of selling media promotion resources.

in fact, ali mother from this year has been increasing for the layout of the RTB field, is the core of the ali mama entire network marketing open platform, TANX has covered nearly 5.7 billion tech-oriented web traffic, such as sina, netease, phoenix network built nearly 2000 mainstream media and platform, and the depth of the cooperation relations, and successfully for more than 30 third party DSP, taking nearly 6 million electric business promoter of real-time bidding requirements.

based on the real-time bidding entire network marketing platform, ali mother will also start the effect of brand planning, with entire network promotion alliance and the depth of the consumer behavior data integration, establish deep cooperation with the world top 500 enterprises, help brand marketing value maximization, the outstanding enterprises such as procter & gamble, lenovo will be ali mother partner, and tasted so effective marketing first.

“TANX SSP platform for media lies more in innovation and change the way of media, can also help the webmaster to attract high-quality brands, enhance the brand reputation of the media.” Ali mother media manager Chen, said c. “test 2 months, nearly 2000 media overall CPM income by more than 20%, fully embodies the TANX SSP platform real-time bidding for releasing the media value of long tail advantage.”

“TANX SSP is like good stewards media traffic management.” Chen, c. “based on real-time bidding platform, ali mother regularly publish entire network marketing data analysis report, and industry profitability. As the stock market index, vane can give decision makers to develop new programs to provide more Suggestions and reference data, which the vertical website for promotion, which industry effect will be better, through real-time bidding technology greatly optimize the media income, support media control content, provide better returns for the media.”

can be expected, based on large data and user interest RTB mode will become the domestic network advertising new competition and development direction. The latest data also showed that ali mother into 3 billion yuan in 2012, PV 5 billion times.