Ali mobile Internet puzzles: from investment weibo to Scott ecological logic


after sina weibo, tintin is favorable, Scott map of alibaba, and become a harvest. Beijing time on May 10, China’s leading digital map content and navigation and location service solution provider applies to software company (Nasdaq: AMAP) officially announced, alibaba group (hereinafter referred to as the “alibaba”) $294 million investment, alibaba will hold gold about 28% of the company, be the first big shareholder Scott. Alibaba’s board Cai Chong, executive vice President and alibaba group wireless division President Eddie wu will act as company directors.

integrated information display, since the second half of last year, alibaba has been concentrated in the field of mobile Internet investment dozens of a project, which includes both weibo, there have been quite influential companies such as gold, also have shrimp, tintin “small but beautiful”.

remarkably, mobile phone taobao is the mobile Internet, one of the largest entry last year reached 130 million, pay treasure to client installed capacity of more than 50 million. Now that already have two popular APP, ali this round of investment tide gourd sell what medicine? Of these areas is widely dispersed project again, would the role in the strategy of ali’s wireless?

time and water

according to the personage inside course of study, alibaba investment logic centered on the mobile Internet end mobile social, platform, data entry, developers, O2O applications, maps to layout. Corresponding to the above five aspects, alibaba investment products are: sina weibo, Momo Meituan network, on the road, tintin network, and the map of gold.

in fact, as a more than $5 billion in cash in hand, the alibaba for the coming year will also have a series of big acquisitions under discussion.

, according to vice President Qiu Changheng, ali wireless mobile Internet era is the first time, you had the only users are willing to spend time, clinch a deal (shopping) is naturally follow. In a sense, in ali the puzzle of the mobile Internet, whether it’s weibo, Momo, or ali is their mobile phone taobao, and so on will APP, its function is through service to win the user’s time, ali and at the bottom of the trading system, data and cloud computing, is the “water” in the ecological system. When water infiltrates into the user’s time, the result is to win more “canal into” — users get stable and free services, APP realized by electricity, ali to further consolidate the ecological system.

thirst for “water”, namely the commercialization of impulse as soon as possible, become an important gripper ali this round of investment: e-commerce has proven to be the most liquid channels by the spectrum. Relying on the powerful advantage of e-commerce to ali investment objects into their own ecological system, and to ensure that users in the use of mobile Internet products, most of the time before the accurate consumption of personalized service to users.

even if the guard cell phone taobao is also trying to provide more rich scene, for the user’s time. This year, the years of “deformation” of mobile phone taobao, mobile phone taobao tries to provides consumers with the selection one thousand thousand, and let the seller in the wireless platform independent. In addition, through life plan, phone taobao hopes to put the life around user related moved to mobile phone in taobao shopping, consumption, for everyone to build a life circle on taobao.

together with god well-knit

“water” also need to further perfect the characteristics of the wireless platform. Ali investment on the table, circulating in the industry and their Allies such as mobile developers provide statistical analysis services. Ali himself still pushing its mobile operating system, ali group chief strategy officer Ming zeng said, ali’s mobile operating system goal is to occupy the market share of 10%.

these are part of the pattern of the mobile Internet is ali. It is understood that alibaba on wireless strategy is divided into three pieces, one is the business of wireless, the second wireless independent division, based on the wireless feature to expand the taobao e-commerce development direction, there is a piece of is ali phone system based on mobile phone operating system division. From a broader level, the mobile Internet strategy is associated with each YeWuXing division has, plus special wireless group and the mobile phone operating system group, and external investment of ten companies large and small.

Qiu Changheng said, all these business mission and direction is consistent, “we are going to face the future of the whole mobile Internet era, considering ecological should be what kind of business of the era, and should provide the service experience beyond the PC era now, form the social business ecosystem based on the mobile Internet.”

it seems that architectural dispersed more like in order to meet the needs of the ecosystem intentional. In January of this year, alibaba group announced that adjust the business structure and organization, set up 25 division. Jack ma, explains the purpose of adjusting is “in order to adapt to face the future opportunities and challenges of wireless Internet, at the same time make organization more flexible and innovation together.

“if we want to promote the development of an ecosystem in the outside, inside the company must also ecology, we hope to adjust from within his company also started,” Ming zeng said, “it’s not about 25 division, but that One Eco – system, this is our true direction.”

in retrospect, the current investment behavior in One more like the height of the Eco – system based on conjunction. Scott, for example, in the last year, Scott has clearly put forward, make gold map based ecosystems. Scott CEO from wu told the media in an interview, “the main direction is to put the product into a real mobile Internet products, evolved from pure instrumental product service life of products.”

sinking, sinking again

no accident, with sina weibo, Scott map, tintin is favorable in business level through and cooperation has gradually expanded. Officially, golder and ali will be in the data, maps, engine, product development, marketing, technical and commercial, and other aspects, sina weibo with ali will account exchange, data exchange, online payment, online marketing, and other fields in-depth cooperation, precise marketing and social electricity more be interpreted as the prospect of sina weibo commercial dawn. Earlier, tintin preferential last year has already begun to pay treasure to the data to the client.

in a sense, mobile, PC, only carrier, ali and e-commerce as the core to build ecological system goal has never changed. Roadmap on ali, ali will be completely invisible in future business form bottom, alibaba to provide business, credit, payment and other infrastructure, and in ali platform, all kinds of creatures will grow, flowers.

“ali’s investment change rather than the layout pattern, focusing on the input – ecological revitalize, tao tao tao not out of the palm,” DCCI founder hu think Internet data center, the long term ali ecological layout will be the big winner, mobile payment, socialization, LBS – search, big open cloud, financial data, will become the new six pulse excalibur ali.

it is unpredictable, the capital market will react to this unique ecological system. Previously, on alibaba as early as possible the news of the launch this year. Mr Ma said, “everybody is feeling the stones across the river, we don’t even have a stone.” Anyway, at the same time of tentacles extending, ali is sinking, further expand into deeper and wider. In a vast land, can exactly what kind of flowers, who says good time?