Ali mobile Internet or develop new ecological layout

for ali, smartphone operating system is not only for users to a group, the goal is in today’s smartphone market to foster a new business ecosystem, to the industry in each of the groups, including the terminal manufacturers, chip hardware business, telecommunications operators, consumers, etc., to provide more choice more opportunities.

first of all, we see a set of data, according to IDC, issued in the first quarter of 2013, the global smartphone shipments reached 216.2 million units, 152.7 million units of the amount of 41% than the same period last year. But from the data we see that the rapid growth in the size of the market, and didn’t bring too many choices and opportunities to industry, Android and iOS fully occupied the monopoly position, both carve up the market share of 92.3%, with Android occupy 75%, iOS has accounted for 17.3%.

and from a profit perspective, based on the iOS apple iPhone while the market share of only 17.3%, but profitability. In Android, with 75% market share of real profit return, only a samsung. No exaggeration to say that in the current Android camp, in addition to samsung other vendors are barely survive.

the Android camp is very large, thanks to Android as the biggest smartphone industry mainstream platform advantages, many manufacturers are hoping to hold the legs. But too many manufacturers in Android, lumpy, configuration, spell price, hope you can use these tips to get profit opportunities, but let smartphone product differentiation is more and more scarce, look, each manufacturer product almost no difference, and the manufacturer’s profit is quite low, even losing money.

in the face of such predicament, manufacturers looking for new platform, want a more profitable opportunity ecosystem, it is no secret. Windows Phone is traditional eldest brother a chess pieces in the Microsoft smartphone industry layout, and as a domestic Internet giant, ali, ali Phone system is based on the same purpose.

first of all, it must be admitted that, compared with apple’s iOS, Google’s Android mobile phone system exists a certain gap, ali both application scale, the number of users and manufacturers cooperation, ali phone systems are lagging behind the situation. But as a just was born two years of the new platform, mobile phone system is continuously catch up with ali.

from the point of view of the system itself, just the latest version released on April 15 ali phone system, compared with previous products have a lot of progress. The new UI interface design more relaxed and practical; Based on the underlying security protection mechanism is more efficient and reliable; A series of cloud services also have a much better experience, all this, let’s see the ali phone system in constant progress.

however, the progress of the system just give yourself a chance to ali, more important is how to fully, based on the system of business strategy, to build a new business ecosystem, to the industry groups to chance. Ali will notice it, so the conference on April 15, the latest version of ali is important, the mobile phone system more huge new business strategy is the protagonist.

there’s little doubt that ali phone system will continue to adopt the way of free to provide platform for industry, it will be many vendors involved in the system of direct power. But this is just a start, joint terminal manufacturers, hardware chip, communications operators launch a series of cooperation projects, including “upgrade” $0, depth, adaptation, FenRun 1 yuan, 1 billion yuan to build developer community, etc., will work together to build a new ecological based on ali phone system. And for consumers, cloud mobile phone channel gives them more choice.

as a competitor of the smartphone market, ali phone system has just started, the product itself also has the very big development space. Free mode, a new business strategy, and they let us see ali phone system to foster a new intention of ecological, business is to market and to manufacturers, give consumers more choice more opportunity to a platform.

by smartphone mobile Internet industry competition is brutal, ali absolutely should not rush to get profits through the system platform, but should be preparation, to lay a solid foundation, ali phone system as a strategic investment in the field of mobile Internet, attract manufacturers, developers and consumers to join the community, thereby expanding market share.