Ali group teamed up to ten express company power smart backbone in China

on May 30, alibaba group, announced in Beijing Beijing during the SEC, with China post group, China’s postal service EMS, shentong, yuantong, YunDa, zhongtong, motion, huitong, everyday, just-in-time ten big companies such as cooperation, on the basis of logistics data through, to further explore the logistics for consumer products and services.

on the same day, ali group’s website Tmall together with the China post EMS launched nationwide 3 1 provincial cash on delivery service. At the same time, Tmall joint motion in 78 cities opened to make an appointment with services.

two days before 28, alibaba group, the intime group joint fosun group, inferior group, suitable abundant group, tee, (shentong, yuantong, zhongtong, YunDa) all parties jointly established “rookie network technology co., LTD.” was formally established, at the same time start the “smart backbone” China project. Teamed up to ten express the ali group, but also echo “ rookie network” building China’s smart backbone, in the consumption side logistics units and bedding products and services.

data applications promote logistics service actively ability

alibaba group Gong Tao logistics department general manager said, last year Tmall data based on connectivity with logistics company, cooperation focus to data integration and application this year. through the data to the Courier companies to provide line capacity expansion, can tell the partner, is currently in the area of electronic commerce LanShou needs of clients, what growth in the future, and help them to optimize e-commerce Courier service details.

because ali group and express company data sharing and integration, logistics is going to change the passive query, complaints of passive situation, through the data back, monitoring and prediction, can foresee businesses and consumers the corresponding service demand, and carry out active service. consumer can through the flourishing letter, channel such as logistics details page to receive knowledge logistics abnormal situation.

after the “China’s smart backbone” conference information, according to novice network planning the first investment of 100 billion yuan, hope that in five to eight years , efforts to build open and socialized logistics infrastructure across the country. while ali logistics department for building data application platform, joint groped express company provide logistics services for consumer products. a combination of both will establish a can support the daily average of 30 billion (year 10 trillion) smart backbone network of online retail sales.

to postal service EMS cod nationwide 31 save

data show that in 2012, the central and western regions in China, and three or four line city shopping needs rapid fierce growth, electricity retail growth is sixty percent in three or four lines the following areas of the country, is much higher than traditional shopping the 40% increase in consumption of a second-tier cities. pattern change for online shopping, the day the cat with China post group company and EMS to the service and cod service cooperation.

at present, in 18 cities such as 3 days cat cat service stations set up more than 6000 days , open each big the parcel Courier company to the service, the consumer day a cat, after taobao, can choose the goods to the nearest to the lift. as ali logistics and postal group cooperation, nearly thousands of China post for the convenience of service station is expected to become Tmall service station, will provide online buying daily necessities, generation of filling words fee and other services. In June, the postal will start in some cities.

at the same time, the EMS and Tmall also made payment in cash on delivery agreement, covering services throughout the country 3 1 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) close to 2000 counties and cities.

with the 78 city driving motion to make an appointment delivery

day cat to be a partner with the first motion “distribution” booking service, the first covering 78 cities. in the city of consumers in different parts of the online store to order, specify can make an appointment a week one day to collect the goods. North of guangzhou, hangzhou, chengdu, shenyang, wuhan, tianjin, xiamen, nanchang, hefei, wenzhou, ningbo, jinhua and other 32 cities in the online collection of provides the most late night reservation distribution of 21 points. The service will be in June Tmall electric city first, gradually spread to other industries in the future.

China express association, deputy secretary of changsha, said in the first quarter of 2013 express company business is equivalent to 2008 express delivery business, express scale has been gradually catch up with online shopping, but more need to rapidly promote the service quality. Practice express personalized demand, of the different types of businesses and consumers, need more diverse service demand, and from the point of service coverage, the original mainly urban area, has penetrated to the medium and small cities and towns, express meet the demand of the wider population of universal service, all this prompted the joint strength, Courier companies in Tmall cooperation and development of the logistics service market represents the future of China’s express delivery.