Alexander: pears WhatsApp slow release of iOS version free of charge

close for some time, IM in the field of war is a “coming events cast their shadows before them” streak. On the Line, KakaoTalk, WeChat, Path and Facebook Messenger frequently missed at the same time, such as guarding the user market established IM application WhatsApp seems to be nothing.

as the sequoia capital support, WhatsApp has long been big Internet companies such as Google, Facebook, as one of the most favorite targets.

however, recently the level of old grandpa finally move out IM applications. According to foreign media reports TechCrunch science and technology, the iOS version of WhatsApp will launch free subscription model. IOS users in the first year of pay $1 after subscription fees, can always free to use WhatsApp. This means that the iOS version of WhatsApp users can finally and other platforms, such as Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone users to enjoy the same treatment. It is understood that the iPhone users in the use of this application, it need to pay the cost of $0.99 a year.

downloads model have some out of date, now most of the application in as game learning – free application, and introduced the corresponding user pays value-added services. Line from Japan, for example, with application to purchase and paid stickers, harvest in the first quarter of 58.9 million dollars. At the same time, the Line model for Path and Facebook Messenger IM applications such as the replication. .

WhatsApp officially released in 2009, IM market in Europe has a large number of users in the community. Recently, some media Revelations, WhatsApp over Twitter, the number of monthly active users reached 200 million. The daily amount of information received and sent by the application of article 10 billion and article 170 respectively. In addition, the WhatsApp also expand their market in India.