Against tencent, China’s three big operators to footwall chess?

the ministry, according to data released on April 19, 2013 in the first quarter of the total text messages while rose 0.5% year-on-year, but get rid of a mass text messages, ordinary users using point-to-point message content than dropped 10.9%, in 2013 worth point-to-point messaging volume fell 11.2% year on year. In China mobile in the first quarter earnings figures, released on April 22, the quarter a total duration of 1.0375 trillion minutes, the year-on-year drop of 3.06%.

micro letter products such as business impact has been clearly revealed for operators, so to the carriers against tencent is urgent. Although the desktop operators with tencent claimed to “sex”, but the interior of the operators have soberly aware of the threat from tencent, bed side permit others to snoring sleep, and snoring sleep and leather for your life. A China telecom a base leader said in the chat with sohu IT privately operators with tencent game is out in the future.

A tortoise and the hare game

in addition to the China unicom, the other two operators have already begun to fight back.

move back in the first step is to refactor the fetion, in the middle of April, the mobile issue a tender announcement, officially launched the fetion technology service provider of the bidding work. China mobile will split into four fetion technology service department points, respectively, “fetion business infrastructure services (“,” the sub-project of the fetion business wireless products “, “old subprojects fetion business” and “fetion business component of public service,” the four components of a total investment of 638 million yuan. This project, will completely change the previous six years by China tai yue do fetion technical services. This can be interpreted as China mobile is trying to over letter released the operating system, which is helpful to the future development of fetion.

in March, China telecom has spread the wings believe IT products and will work in netease to promote wing, although after telecom official rumours, but the news out of from the inside, wing letter just telecom let out the smoke, China telecom is based on its wing talk in constructing a heavyweight products against micro letter, sohu IT has got the beta version of this product from unofficial sources, compared with the previous wing, the product in the user experience had obvious progress, has shrugged off the wing to chat on the operators of dense product before thinking, is a completely thinking products on the Internet.

between operators and Internet companies such as tencent game was more like a game of the tortoise and the hare, more than a decade ago the operators is the pride of rabbit, no such as tencent. China telecom’s internal flow and there are two things most telecom heartache: the first is China telecom had rejected the acquisition of tencent; The second thing is China telecom invested 1 million ma is complaining of ma difficult to spend money too fast break up, but what is certain is that if the telecom bought tencent ma and continue to investment, there would be no today’s tencent and alibaba), which can be seen that the operator’s eyes didn’t tencent and other Internet companies.

the SMS heyday, operators do not have thought that one day will WeChat leather text messages. Today’s game has reversed, tencent has become a rabbit, and operators can only change to the tortoise. They were so unwilling heart WeChat revolution, because the text and voice is operator business lifeline, WeChat impact on operators is definitely not for signaling and the point on the surface flow problems, has affected the survival of operators, operators will need to have a killer business or measures to eliminate text and voice on the risks of business was shock, they have increased from the race to the game of life and death battle.

operators think they have a subsequent party

in communication with sohu IT, both China mobile and China telecom agree that micro letter is a great product, both said they will not hinder the development of such an innovative product, and more about you to use your products and measures to fight for the interests of the operators.

in addition to the above described in mobile fetion refactoring and wing chat reengineering in telecom, operators more hope from the higher strategic level back to tencent.


1, diluted, and differentiation operators hope to have more Internet company OTT products developed, China telecom, one middle managers to sohu IT said China telecom hope to cooperate with more Internet companies, promote the development of related OTT products, including ali prosperous, sina weibo, millet rice, but also with netease youdao notes, sohu news client, sogou depth cooperation, push related OTT business innovation and development, the leadership even hope Zhou Hongyi 360 can also join in particular, its purpose is to dilute and weaken the influence of tencent WeChat. An unnamed telecom industry experts told sohu IT, telecom this attitude, means that the operator as well as a greater “conspiracy”.

2, define standard: for micro letter OTT product definition of a class are the operators of the expert said the “conspiracy”. SMS is a standard product, defined by operators when operators with companies such as huawei, zte communications equipment specifications and product defines the messages signaling, gateway, information coding, transceiver and safety standards, formed an industry standard, and make it grow into a high quality standard business operator control.

one operator to sohu IT said a middle managers in private, WeChat, fetion, rice, wing chat type OTT products have also been to the required standards and specifications. Only with the standard, to connectivity between different products, also to standardize management and ensure safety.

the leadership thought, micro letter type OTT products should also be involved in signaling standard, gateway, information coding, transceiver and safety aspects, achieve the following goals through standard specification:

1) free: WeChat definition to consumers free can really promote the popularization of this kind of product and development;

2) Internet connectivity: connectivity with text messages, the connectivity between all IM products;

3) security: based on the number of user ID true become the universal ID of WeChat products;

4) easy to use, no threshold.

according to our country industry and technology standards mode before, although standards leader is the head of the ministry and other government departments, but the actual is necessarily the collective operators, operators naturally, is the beneficiary of the standard in the heart of the competition from tencent and other Internet companies have greater voice and influence, in fact it is the very.

operator in the eyes of one of the biggest risks

operator is better under the premise of this dish chess is the first step before three carriers, outside.

the three carriers in the same boat, on the one hand, his own text and voice business impact of tencent. Their own data and flow, on the other hand, the business also depends on the tencent and other Internet companies. So it doesn’t drive any one operator to unilaterally challenges tencent.

three carriers, China mobile is WeChat biggest impact by tencent, at the same time, China mobile fetion business talk to China telecom wing started early, products and business are so perfect, so the two counter tencent’s willingness to maximum, and China unicom is far from out of chat, so the unicom WeChat attitude also has been very ambiguous.

a middle managers in private telecom, said: operator against tencent is the biggest risk working alone with tencent, China unicom will like the unicom takes the lead in the introduction of the iPhone, high subsidies to rob the high-end users in mobile, has three carriers after suffering.

in the eyes of operators, the number is the most hard, operators and users, in particular, the number is a strong relationship and the ID, the ID number is a kind of entity identity, is traceable, trustworthy and manageable, and relative security; Including WeChat ID and QQ number, are virtual identity, difficult management, unsafe and risky.

but once has the number of China unicom first surrendered to tencent, the other two can only follow, setting standards and countering tencent will be impossible.

counterattack tencent is the inevitable choice operator, in addition to the products and the “conspiracy”, accustomed to thinking began operating Internet business operators, operators have more need of mechanism of revolution and revolutionary’s own thinking, this is the hardest.