After joined the company only 4 months, HTC global public relations, vice general manager huang literary departure

bloomberg said just now, HTC the global public relations and communication, deputy general manager ( global VP of PR and communications) yellow literary formal resignation. To this, HTC CMO Benjamin ho said huang’s departure because of personal reasons. It is reported that huang gift to join HTC company just four months.

in June this year, huang was appointed executive to HTC and literary for global communication strategy, portfolio includes analysis and enterprise public relations, media and communication, etc. to HTC CMO Benjamin ho said that huang has a unique and diverse qualifications and literary and rich experience in global enterprise leadership and strategic communication. Add HTC before the former yellow gift AT& T, and other marketing work of the company.

after HTC company has a number of executives. Once of the mobile phone maker, HTC now seems to be lost in despair. Recently the news that the HTC will be on the amazon to launch three new smartphone. I don’t know what has experienced in the first quarter after heavy losses, the ghost door HTC also can stage a comeback.

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