After her ruling, yahoo has bought 10 start-ups

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Marissa Mayer became CEO of yahoo, she would have made a plan to acquire small companies, will acquire a coordinated with their business. We have noticed that she was in the process of Google’s long-serving, have completed about 20 cases of such purchase. Her arrival yahoo CEO within six months time, the number of its acquisition of the company has reached the half period in Google. Yahoo announced on Friday, the company has acquired Loki Studios, a mobile game development company, the company is done in a social and LBS services. This is yahoo’s fourth purchase this month. A yahoo spokeswoman said, since Mayer took over the company in July last year, this is the tenth to buy startups.

these companies are Stamped, OntheAir, “and it, Alike, Jybe, Summly, Astrid, GopollGo, Milewise and Loki.
Measured by any standard, this acquisition speed is quite fast. Especially for acquisition of yahoo’s rare in recent years. Before joining yahoo Mayer of more than a year of time, yahoo only acquired a company – Interclick, this is an advertising technology enterprise. In part because yahoo on the acquisition of the well-known bad record. From 2002 to 2012 in ten years, they spent more than $60 for buy-out firms, but relatively few investment in technology and media.
When the Mayer announced her plans, she stressed the acquisition are in millions of dollars at most is several hundred million yuan, will not exceed $1 billion.
Even so, Mayer is time chose to buy the company received some criticism. Pando Daily points out, yahoo now turned into a rejected by VC firms haven. So far, Mayer’s acquisition of the company’s main purpose is talent, not technology, but there’s a situation is not the same — Summly, its technology is likely to feed into yahoo’s products. Most of these companies are in the field of mobile, for example, Loki that has experience in LBS.
Mayer acquisition of the first company in October last year, Stamped, and developed a mobile application is used to find and recommend activities. Similarly, in February when bought a field based on LBS company, acquired in March to provide eating and playing the personalized recommendations.
Recruiting outstanding engineers was part of Mayer three-step plan, talent to create innovative products, improve user engagement and ultimately bring more advertising revenue. At the beginning of the year, Mayer during the latest performance report telephone conference announced the strategy, first the best talent, then there will be a great product, will bring more users and advertising revenue.
Yahoo bought by most companies have been closed and their teams have also joined in Sunnyvale, and yahoo’s mobile division in New York. The latter is to be responsible by Robbie Stein, he also led the Stamped. These new people have a very professional knowledge and background and great goals, it is of great help to improve yahoo’s products. Mayer’s ultimate goal is to make yahoo! Become part of our daily life, build more friendly mobile services and more humanized service.
Earlier this year, Mayer said in a Bloomberg television interview: “people want to do all the work on their mobile phones, including our daily habits. When dealing with daily work, he has a lot of opportunities around, that will not only create value for customers, also made great company.”
Source: Mashable