After buy nokia, Microsoft will authorize other manufacturers of Windows Phone

when the world is now watching Microsoft to buy nokia devices division, a problem that people are eager to know the answer is – Microsoft the nokia software and hardware fit what it means for other Windows Phone equipment manufacturers. Microsoft officials still keen and other manufacturers have production Windows Phone equipment and cooperation. “Our operating system group’s mission is to ensure that our hardware partners ideas in Windows platforms.” Company operating system vice President Terry Myerson said. Though Microsoft still plans to move it system authorization for other manufacturing Windows Phone before , the problem is, will anyone interested in?

like to accept the New york Times Nick Wingfield interview, nokia mobile phone account for global Windows Phone 80% . But samsung and HTC is operation device of the mobile operating system. Microsoft’s decision to make it more relevant and nokia, the hard to avoid worrying it with other partners between the prospect of the future. The company thought the open software license terms, but Microsoft has now compete directly with its partners, particularly in the Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet on the front.

the outgoing head of the Microsoft CEO Steve ballmer The Verge , will nokia hardware production into the driver is behind its sales and market potential. “This will activate the software and hardware ecosystem,” he said. “We think we should make the brand and product line more simple and easy to get, to have greater flexibility, it would be very help us continue to improve the market share and status of the Windows Phone, this undoubtedly will contribute to the application of ecological development.”

now, Microsoft hardware partners are still trying to figure out what effect this purchase for them. HTC a representative told Verge , the company is “assess the situation, we at this time no comment.”


pictured above from The Verge, manufactured by HTC Windows Phone