After ballmer era, Microsoft will please ford CEO Alan mulally at the helm?

ford CEO Alan mulally

, Reuters reported in Microsoft’s top 20 shareholders, there are at least three proposed hope special board, can consider to ford CEO Alan? Mr Mulally (Alan Mulally), on to succeed Mr Ballmer candidate list.

in addition, be together and Computer Sciences nominated company CEO Michael Laurie ( Mike Lawrie).

mike Laura CSC CEO mike lauren

Ellen? Mr Mulally early worked as engineer in Boeing company work. Later, he joined ford motor, and with substantial cost cuts and other measures, to help the one hundred – year – old survived the economic crisis. Although after it emerged that ford’s board of directors has agreed to Mr Mulally first retirement in 2014, but the CEO told Reuters that he is still in fully into ford’s work. In 2009, “fortune 100”, Mr Ballmer said to Mr Mulally said the high praise. He wrote: “although the industry changing enough to make the most seasoned managers endured the taste of failure, but Allen is not. In my opinion, he is the man is best know to successful business elements.”

Michael Laurie is a CSC, President and CEO of global IT services company. Earlier, in the era of IBM’s Mr Gerstner, he served as the company’s global sales director. Not only that, the man also successfully help wansheng financial software makers group (Misys Plc) turnaround.

after ballmer announced that it will leave within a year, about who is going to rule the world’s largest software empire, has been attention by each big media and analysts. After the acquisition of nokia devices and services department, Microsoft said, to 2018 , WP the global smartphone market share, than now tripled. We hope that Microsoft can achieve this great goal. However, before this, the empire should choose a leader who can pick up the slack as soon as possible.

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