Adjust the CBU acceleration architecture ali group improve service ability of small and medium-sized enterprises

on May 9, alibaba group, announced to the CBU (alibaba China business) architecture adjustments, a move aimed at for a better practice of “so” there is no such thing as a difficult business mission, further enhance the alibaba group of class B (small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) customer service ability and the support to small and beautiful enterprise, accelerate the related lines of business integration, the development of a more complete internal and market ecology system.
It is understood that the original CBU sales service system with ICBU (alibaba) international business service sales system integration, to create a fully ali group for the unification of the small business customer service and sales system, alibaba group management Wu Minzhi executive committee members will be in charge of the business, she was in charge of ICBU business.
And in the field of technology and products, the original CBU technology and related product team, and large taobao in the department of technical product team restructure, with innovative ideas, planning and establish a good faith for the ali group’s products and services, alibaba group deputy CTO Leo will be in charge of the business.
Operations team, in addition, the original CBU website and the industry will continue to service the class B business of small and medium-sized enterprises, and and taobao and Tmall integrating related business, and the key to complete the “purchase” and “wholesale” two big service development, management by alibaba group executive committee members Gavin zhang is in charge.
This is alibaba group has pursued “One Company, One Ecosystem” strategy to further advance and implementation. Before this, ali group for taobao and Tmall structure upgrade adjustment has started and completed.
Data shows, the CBU was founded in 2000, has been deep in the B2B e-commerce, also be regarded as the value of the Chinese B2B companies benchmarking, inside the ali, is ali tiejun and company values cultural origin. At present, the CBU registered users to nearly one hundred million.
After 2012, CBU accelerated from information platform to exchange platform upgrade, implements and through taobao. Figures show that in 2012 alone, CBU offers more than 3 million enterprises online trading services, there are nearly 1 million of taobao sellers on 1688. com replenish onr’s stock, online turnover year-on-year growth of more than 3.3 times throughout the year, for to B to C business circulation chain has made the very good exploration. At the same time, the CBU sales model transform and upgrade is completed, greatly optimize the entire service sales system, completed, the integration of online services and sales model, greatly promote the whole of the Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise groups of e-commerce consciousness and service ability.