Adidas intelligent launched a $399 watch, would you buy?

new products, such as Nike continuously introduce Feulband yesterday, and one of the world famous shoes manufacturer in wearable device of the battlefield. It’s for adidas.

in yesterday’s mobiles Mobilize meeting, adidas is responsible for the interaction between departments, vice President of Paul Gaudio announced that adidas will run for lovers to launch a smart watch.

in addition has the functions such as GPS and bluetooth, adidas smart watches proud there are two main characteristics: first, with functions of pulse, heart rate monitor; Second, do not rely on a smartphone “independent” products.

the first health tracking function, such as heart rate tracking existed among similar products, such as FuelBand. So, nothing to say, the key is in the second. Adidas so-called smart watches “independently” refers to, the device can be separated from smartphones, as a single hardware equipment. However, this also means that some existing smart watch with smartphones “interactive” also has been omitted. Such as it can not synchronous mobile phone notification, cannot use the adidas watches to listen to music in the mobile phone.

xiao yun want to really be someone willing to spend $399 (more expensive than Pepple and FuelBand SE to around $250), to buy such a so-called independent operation of the smart watch? It is reported that recently the Nike has just released a new generation of health tracking devices – FuelBand SE. In addition to increasing 3 kinds of color, add the sleep monitoring function and timing to remind function, Nike also announced the formation of the Nike + arg, Lab, in order to encourage developers to Nike + Fuelband to develop new applications. We found the Nike product has not only stay in a simple function extension, it hopes to build on the basis of the products of Nike + ecosystem. Hardware are only the first step to Nike into intelligent device, the future it will build exclusive application, thus forming a platform of hard and soft.

the adi smart watch will be officially released next month 1.