Address book assistant market fighting treasure with micro letter to get win-win cooperation

when WeChat command public attention, address book assistant market undercurrent never stopped, sogou number, contact number, assistant, 360 address book, address book products such as competition is fierce. on 6 day, touch touch technology launched the new Po number aides, announced and WeChat reach strategic cooperation, this is both sogou number through cooperation with sina weibo again after directory helper class tools and significant social applications cooperation, and in mid-october and rumours contact list, will be renamed the “micro letter number this” address book assistant market competition has entered the era of “social”.

mobile Internet version of the “dialing + message “combination

, the beginning of the new assistant introduced automatic matching WeChat friends, direct WeChat chat, see each other friends, and other functions. Touch treasure each other cooperation with WeChat is actively explore in the development of a mobile communication function, WeChat replace the function of mobile phone text messages, touch the treasure number assistant to take over the mobile phone dialing function, it will become a mobile Internet version of the “dialing + message “composite applications, the combination model has fully take over the huge potential of mobile entrance.

assistant v sogou number on

assistant has three big rivals, sogou number sense, 360 address book, address book, these three products are respectively the three big Internet giant important products in the field of mobile Internet, and that the big three in PC , mobile end users are already more than 2 the million mark, touch technology compared with the big three have no resource advantage, but touch the treasure and three giants of product differentiation between each other. Compared to, 360 address book to safe direction, directory to social direction and the sogou number assistant closer touch with Po number.

sogou and touch operates two same products, mobile phone input method and the mobile phone address book assistant, both the development path of very similar; Sogou number on product manager said in an interview earlier this year the amount of the product installation copy must have, touch the Po number and assistant in the 5 copy also announced that its users for a while; Sogou number known as set up more than 4000 article ten thousand database of phone records, touch treasure number aides claim to build more than 5200 than the number of database; Both on some basic functions of service also has a lot of similarities; In addition, recently sogou number through cooperation with sina weibo, which can realize the microblogging head synchronization, the phone to see each other the latest weibo content, and other functions, touch the Po number now assistant with WeChat exchange cooperation, has realized automatic matching WeChat friends, direct WeChat chat, see each other friends, and other functions, they are two different social chose partners.

assistant work with micro letter, intended to enhance their social function, users expansion to lay the foundation for the next step, but also enhance their competition with sogou number sense. Compared with other directory helper class software, sogou number and contact number assistant is a natural treasure, the two sides then will become the object of public media often compare, way to go.

WeChat touch the mind of the treasure the opportunity of

can touch technology to reach a cooperation with WeChat, sogou number through the cooperation with sina weibo has played a promoting sexual role. Why do many people may doubt, micro believe don’t choose their directory and choose their products touch competitors aide Po number?

first, concentrate on, reduce the internal friction. In march of this year have a paper entitled “tencent wireless readjustment QQ my address book, or a victim”, this paper introduces the address book, contacts is a biased towards social products contacts assistant, so in the case of micro letter have made market advantage, address book and observed the letter is the best choice, in order to avoid unnecessary internal friction. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull