Adding a foray into online travel investment must build user growth plan

on July 10, alibaba group’s shopping search a new net announced that from now on will tap into online travel, provide consumers with hotel search and comparison service (, which this year will also invest millions, build user growth plan, with the growth of users sharing a new hotel bonus. Tao said, for the first time with a new book search hotel, enjoy 10 yuan bonuses.

according to introducing, adding a full-year earnings this year will be Shared by adding a hotel reservation of users, the system will according to the amount of each user reservation success in terms of “equity”, the whole plan of share out bonus is expected in February.

“user own dividend amount after a period of time after the platform online, you can look at it.” A new hotel search business, said Chen hang, head of the vigorous development of the online travel market can’t depart from the support of customers, so a new network want to let users can participate together, not only can be economical, convenient to booking hotels, can also enjoy the online travel market brought about by the rapid development dividend growth.

it is understood that a new vertical search hotel will strengthen the comparison function, help customers make the best decisions quickly, can provide users with a variety of booking hotel (hotel search + map search), strengthened the shopping experience, contains multiple discounts and rebates to price calculation, allow the user to save the cost of hotel product decisions.

“with China’s leading digital map content and navigation and location service solution provider Scott the depth of cooperation, the user will be able to quickly through mobile maps directly booking hotels, let a new hotel map search experience more fun.” Chen hang said.

it is understood that the tao is now with ctrip, cheng, where live, mango net, such as green mango 6 big domestic online travel agent (OTA) and taobao travel reached a strategic cooperation, collected more than 30 m hotel and guesthouse information, provide consumers with the most comprehensive hotel information query and booking service in the industry.