ACSI: PC satisfaction score below tablet, apple leads Windows PC manufacturers

according to the latest ACSI announced yesterday the home appliances and electronic products report, according to the degree of consumers satisfied with the overall PC down from last year. In addition, compared with desktop and notebook computers, people prefer tablets.

(translator note: ACSI for American customer satisfaction index)

it is understood that the survey was conducted by phone and mail, for more than 27000 consumers interview after the statistical data are obtained. The whole process starting from this year’s April 6, in the year to May 22. Their subjects in view of the recent purchase, personal computer equipment from different vendors (including desktop, laptop, tablet), satisfaction rate.

here are from the main content of the report:

1, out of a possible 100 points, flat product satisfaction score is 81. In contrast, consumer satisfaction of desktops and laptops for 79 points. as a whole, overall share in the field of personal computer equipment fell by 1.3% last year, compared to the score of 79 points.

, 2 through to the different brand PC after investigation found that apple devices with 87 points, become the most satisfying consumer PCS, well ahead of Windows equipment. Followed by the second to five respectively for HP (80 points), dell (79 points), Toshiba (78 points), acer (77 points).

3, consumers of computer equipment, easy in operation and appearance of the beautiful sex, running stability, feel more satisfied. In contrast, such as processing speed, operating systems, storage space is slightly lower satisfaction score.

4, ACSI, founder and chairman of the board and les, nai (Claes Fornel) pointed out: “with the development of science and technology, consumer expectations of the personal computer is more and more high, brand computer makers face enormous pressure. Only by constantly improving performance, improving the function of the company to win in the brutal war.”

5, ACSI director David Fan An berg (David VanAmburg) said: “because the Windows 8 did not obtain the expected in the user high praise, and thus to some extent to drag down the computer manufacturer. Compared to traditional PC, consumers seem to be more portable tablet.”