Acer: switch to Google find out the way

according to the Wall Street journal reported, Acer (Acer) chairman of the board of directors of the company, Mr Wong said Acer company will further increase in the production of Google mobile intelligent equipment and computer products.

according to Q2 released acer has just reported, the company’s net loss of nt $343 million ($11.4 million), in the same period last year net profit of nt $56 million. Acer in the second quarter net revenue also fell over the previous year, or 0.7%, year-on-year growth of 0.03% last quarter, up from 0.4% a year ago.

Mr Wong said in earnings conference call, the company will increase the Google equipment production, the product by the end of this year is expected to account for acer’s total revenue of 10% – 12%. Not only that, but by the end of 2014, this rate may increase to 30%. Although Mr Wong did not disclose the specific proportion of earnings, but he pointed out that in the second quarter of this shipments of 3% of the company’s total PC shipments.

acer has always been seen as Microsoft’s most reliable Allies, it is not only doing system is one of the major oems, and is the first launch, carrying doing 8 inch tablet computer hardware of the system. Doing a bad market, however, seemed to troubler of acer company is already dying. According to the survey, according to a report last year, acer tablet, PC shipments only accounted for 9% in the whole world, completely out of the battle of PC makers big world.

is not only the acer encounters market, global PC manufacturers are facing a severe test. Although most of these companies have begun to mobile equipment transformation, can Win 8 system has to some extent, hindered the transformation of their footsteps.