Acer said not to tablet PC transformation smartphone


acer China chief Lin Xianlang said yesterday afternoon, acer’s future won’t stick to PC in the market, since this year will focus on developing tablets, and do not give up the smartphone market. He stressed that acer do not go after the future shipments, pay more attention to the healthy development of enterprises.

tablet market will send force

acer China yesterday afternoon at launch, acer release more including Aspire R7 , many carrying Windows 8 touch notebook of the operating system.

Lin Xianlang accept the media conference in an interview, in the face of industry changes, acer is actually in the transformation. He said, is not an easy transition and transformation success basically see whether consumers to accept.

Lin Xianlang pointed out that acer will not stick to the PC market, from this year on tablet PC will become the development emphasis, acer also won’t give up smartphone business.

at the end of last year, acer introduced cheap tablet it B1 , and achieved good sales. Acer, 2013 years will be the company of the first year of the tablet.

executive vice President of acer China, others said acer in the future will also introduce more tablet, and to cooperate with domestic operators.

others said, acer tablet shipments goal this year is 1000 ten thousand, because the Chinese market has particularity, the company is also working on more detailed sales strategy.

for the healthy development of

seeking power in acer tablets, the PC industry is facing unprecedented challenge in practice. A market research company IDC published in the latest quarter, according to data from global PC sales year-on-year decline in the 14% .

as a veteran PC manufacturer, acer poor performance. IDC , according to data from acer’s PC shipments in the first quarter decline in 31.3% , the largest decline in five major PC makers around the world.

in view of the global market share declining, Lin Xianlang said, acer is actually no longer blindly pursue shipments and market share, “our strategy is to seek a healthy development”.

“in the past two years, acer has been thinking. Once a year we turnover reached 200 $, but only let their health, do not big sense.” Lin Xianlang said.

acer turnover decline over the past two years, but Lin Xianlang more important is that the company hasn’t operating losses. “If you do it first, losing money is meaningless.”

acer has revealed that by the end of the 3 on 31 date in the first quarter revenues 18.7% to 31 $for at least the lowest level in four years. In stock exchange earnings and disposal income boost, acer in the first quarter of this year net profit growth 80.7% to 1740 million dollars.

2011 in the second quarter, acer European market emerged a large number of inventory backlog, lead to net losses 2.3 $. Until the 2011 in the fourth quarter, acer to restore profitability.