According to the survey, Google services occupy 25% of the total traffic in North America

recently, according to market data analysis company DeepField according to a report, a range of services provided by Google (search, web application, video), held in North America, a quarter of the Internet traffic. The big number, than Facebook, Twitter and Netflix combined three website flow.

if the data is accurate, so this means that Google in North America has become a leading Internet service company. It is reported that two years ago Google occupied network traffic is only one 6 of the total flow of North America. DeepField, however, and did not identify what is causing the Google traffic. Wired magazine points out, in view of the network traffic is according to the data output rather than the number of visitors and concluded, and thus has a large flow video on Youtube, is the main reason why the Google network traffic surge.

moreover, DeepField pointed out that 60% of the worldwide networking equipment, can use at least once daily Google services.