According to the report, the iPhone 5 s/c manufacturing costs $199 and $173 respectively

yesterday, a report from the investigation of the IHS, reveals the manufacturing cost of a new generation of iPhone. It is understood that the iPhone 5 s (16 gb) unit manufacturing costs $199, while the iPhone 5 c (16 gb) unit manufacturing cost is 173. Us dollars.

iPhone 5 s

material cost: $191 16 g version, 64 g, $210;

assembly cost: $8;

16 g version

total cost: $199, 64 g, $218;

according to IHS’s report, the iPhone 5 s with the iPhone 5 is roughly same, the cost of the manufacturing costs $205. The iPhone 5 s display ($41) is the main cause of cost increase. In addition, the analysis of IHS believes that the iPhone 5 s screen provider for several different companies, including sharp, Japan Display company (Japan Display Inc) and LG (LG Display).

iPhone 5 c

material cost: $166 16 g version, the 32 gb version of the $176;

assembly cost: $7;

total cost: $173 16 g version, the 32 gb version of the $183;

the IHS analyst Andrew Rassweiler said. “In addition to the A7 processor, fingerprint identification, as well as the memory, the iPhone 5 c and is very similar to the internal structure of the iPhone 5 s.”

IHS noted that apple on the rf chip in a new generation of the iPhone invested a lot of energy. It is reported that two iPhone RF chip providers include: qualcomm, Skyworks, Avago, RF Micro Devices, at TriQuint Semiconductor. Rassweiler said: “and other mobile phone maker, apple with several rf chip vendor cooperation, do not hesitate to spend a lot of time, in order to find the latest solution”. A typical example is that the iPhone 5 s/c to support as many as 13 kinds of LTE, while the iPhone 5 support only five. As a result, the apple with only one device can docking most wireless standards in the world. According to a report by the IHS analysis, a new generation of the iPhone in the rf chip cost $32.

in addition, the analysis of IHS iPhone 5 s should be designed by for fingerprint identification. $356 million last year, and apple bought the company dedicated to the development of fingerprint identification technology. It is understood that the iPhone 5 s in the fingerprint sensor cost $7.

in terms of processor, the iPhone 5 s A7 processor costs $19, manufacturer for samsung. While the iPhone 5 c A6 processor cost $13, also from samsung.

more processor performance, make the iPhone 5 s chose high-end low-energy LPDDR3 memory chips. At the same time, using the iPhone 5 c is LPDDR2 memory chips. Above two kinds of chip suppliers include South Korea’s Hynix (SK Hynix), will (Elpida) and samsung.

so far, apple did not comment on the report of the IHS.

maybe see the IHS’s report, you will feel a new generation of the iPhone’s price is far too high. But a product of pricing can’t watch the material cost, including research and development, the promotion is in it.