According to the report fast taxi market share ranks the first more than bleep

on October 23, analysys international today released the third quarter of 2013 Chinese taxi APP market monitoring report, the report shows the fast taxi market share reached 41.8%, the industry first, over 2.6% the second click take a taxi.

a taxi APP into the duopoly competition in the industry situation

analysys international in a few days in the third quarter in the past China taxi APP market monitoring, according to a report released today, taking a taxi APP market according to the cumulative users fast calculation of the top five respectively take a taxi, click a taxi, a taxi cars, bumblebee taxis and surprise surprise.

among them, the fast taxi market share of 41.8%, click a taxi was 39.1%, hire car was 9.0%, the hornets a taxi was 3.9%, a taxi the small mi is 3.9%.

according to the report, quick take a taxi and click two companies by more than 80% market share, brand of the industry and users to concentration in accelerated, appeared a duopoly market competition situation.

fast in Yangtze river delta of the pearl river delta is the boss di di is the boss in Beijing

the duopoly fast and bleep, report according to the provinces and cities to take a taxi APP market share situation to carry on the statistics.

statistics, click on home to Beijing to occupy absolute lead, and fast in the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta has exceeded the bleep, started with fast in a stronghold of hangzhou, certainly lead.

in the Shanghai market, fast the cumulative users accounted for 8.1% of the national market, and click the Numbers in Shanghai is 7.1%; Fast in guangdong was 4.7%, the origins of the figure is 4.5%; In zhejiang market, quick market share of 5.1%, di di is 4.5%; In jiangsu market, fast was 2%, the series was 1.4%.

in the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta, the three provinces and one city fast market share higher than bleep, but lead is not large, the two sides in the fierce market competition. Although in the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta backward fast, click on the base of it, with 7.7% of the absolute lead over fast.

in the national market territory, as of the third quarter, faster because covering the 31 cities, di di covers 15 cities, so as to make the fast of the “other” series more than 3.7% share of the cities, which also makes fast in the national market share of more than a click.

business model challenge to

referred to in the report, an analyst at analysys international, while taking a taxi APP industry competition is fierce, but the industry still faces policy regulation and business model to liquidate.

a taxi APP industry, like many Internet mode in China, since the second half of last year in the first half of this year there have been dozens of infighting. Currently a taxi APP company is entirely a matter of risk investment money in running the business, there are no clear business model.

the industry analysis, points out that a taxi APP for easing a taxi passenger’s difficult, but also improve the operation efficiency of the driver and was welcomed by passengers and the driver, the development of the Internet has proved many times that, as long as you bring value to users of the product finally can always find their own commercial value; Along with the market competition into the duopoly situation, fast and click will accelerate your business model to explore.

the industry predicted that the next industry in addition to see quick and click more intense competition, also can see they have more effort in our business model to explore.