According to Google advertising director are Twitter “poach”, will boost its to expand the international market

there are sources, Twitter has poached Google cattle – Google display ads cristian oster product director Lin (Christian Oestlien), poaching in order to start the company’s international growth.

it is understood that he is to become the internationalization of Twitter microblogging service, senior director, vice President Michael to Twitter product XiPi (Michael Sippey) is responsible for reporting.

for Twitter, the position is quite important, is the key, and the former vice President of the Ottoman, lala base (Othman Laraki) after leaving office, the position has been vacant, the company’s internal lack of talents qualified for this position. As the company’s IPO looming (also reports that was in 2014), Twitter will focus on increasing income, and expand its user base outside the United States.

but the truth is, there are some things is easier said than done, like Twitter to increase the number of users and their dependence on Twitter, so that the user just before their turnover problems. In the past year, Twitter tried various ways to make those people who registered Twitter, such as E-mail notification and reminder, even in users on the home page to add a search and find a friend button, with little success, so, oster Lin will need to take more different and effective strategies to improve the phenomenon, so as to promote the profit increase.

it is important to note that Twitter has recently taken action in some areas, appointed vice President of international growth in Paris, Katie Stanton (Katie Stanton), in Singapore has appointed international sales vice President trichet, Rao (Shilesh Rao), and was appointed director of sales in Dublin Ali Jafari (Ali Jafari).

the past few years, Twitter CEO dick Costello (Dick Costolo) have repeatedly contact with oster Lin, and their work in Google seven years of experience make very understanding between two people, though Google has tried to keep him, but ultimately failed. Oster Lin before leaving in Google is responsible for the + advertising business, at the same time, also with some other advertising programs of the company.

but unfortunately, Twitter and Google declined to comment on both sides.