Academician said China speeds the rate after 80 about 1/10 of Hong Kong

“China fixed-line average download speed in the world since 80.” Yesterday, to han speech of the Chinese academy of engineering WuHeQuan disclosed. With service for users concerned about Internet fee also is out of question, WuHeQuan gave his explanation.

WuHeQuan introduction, by the end of 2012, China’s Internet main fixed-line average download speed of 1.15 M (network transmission speed units), and the Hong Kong SAR is 10.5 M, the whole Asia Pacific or the global average rate of 4.64 M. China’s world ranking in 80.

WuHeQuan said, if use bandwidth to calculate rates now, like South Korea’s broadband is 45 m, average every one million rates are low, the bandwidth of the our country is 2 m, is higher than abroad. He thinks that the absolute value of China’s Internet access is not high, relative to the per capita disposable income is high.

there is also a factor, spread fiber in the city is the most easy, but a single fiber to a building hundreds of households, the cost of the city than in rural areas of low cost, but now we are charging a region of low communication cost is high, and in the letter fees low cost high, operators should take the low charge to subsidize rural city.” WuHeQuan said, developed countries have related service fund, fund subsidies to the rural, Chinese operators to raise prices to cover rural city. WuHeQuan, however, think that China’s fixed rates online also has a price cut of space.

WuHeQuan the invited to host of wuhan municipal party committee organization department cadre education “famous BBS”, the theme of wisdom in wuhan city and national center for urban construction. The various parts of the straight WeiBanJu large institutions, people’s organizations and nearly 500 people to listen to the speech.