About network security of 12 things you don’t know

RSA conference in San Francisco last week, I (the author: Fredric Paul) with Stephen Cobb sitting together. He is ESET’s IT security company a prominent security researcher. We discussed include the android security and “walled garden” problems such as how to play a role.

this is a very good dialogue, involving all aspects of the Internet and mobile security, I hope I can share the content as much as possible.

the list seems to be the best way. Here is a list of all the surprise you, I’m sure some friends already know or will agree all the content in the list.

1. Big data for antivirus software industry is not a new thing. Cobb said, in fact, antivirus software company has decades of do the traffic analysis, sharing and code sharing. They just didn’t call it a “big data”, until the word became fashionable.

2. Antivirus software companies since 1980 and practice the cooperation and competition. When they realized by a company to block to block a virus but another company it is impossible to make a virus, they quietly started sharing the virus code and other information.

3. All major browsers on rogue software web site and other hazards in the sharing of information. Chrome, for example, Internet explorer, firefox and other browsers share the URL of the logo. This is why when NBC.com was attacked by hackers, recently began to spread malware every browser can block this website immediately.

4. One of the most difficult part to protect the safety of large data is clear where the data is actually stored in. Previously collected data storage, data is not moving. Now, in the clouds where we cannot know whether the data is stored. Rogue software developers are keen to use it, but it can leave traces that can be recognized.

5. The goal of high value has not been hacking another reason is that there are too many “hang low fruit” let bad people to chase. According to Cobb, so far, there is no need to go to effort to crack is the most difficult to get goals.

6. Almost all the attacks are rogue software, or in the form of hacker attacks. Cobb, said 80% of the hacker attacks is to track does not exist, speculation or stolen password.

7. Check the virus code antivirus software has been for many years. Some people say the anti-virus model was useless, because have been too many new rogue software and anti-virus solution cannot follow up. But Cobb said, almost all the antivirus software has been reconnaissance with new rogue software recently.

8. Know what to do on the Internet people maybe don’t need antivirus software. But Cobb said, people fooling himself and said, “I don’t have any antivirus software, I don’t have been hacking”. He asks “don’t tell your mother, for example, install antivirus software, it really doesn’t matter? “

9. In this world there is still a surprising number of spam. You may not see, but it’s still there. People use the power of the large amounts of data center to block it, but it is installed in the application of network security, you don’t need to ignore it.

10. The overall trend is to increase security level and compresses it into the kernel, and thus become a part of the standard installation. This is in the anti-spam and firewall, antivirus software is being made.

11. Than write 32 bit rogue software, write a 64 – bit is much difficult. This can help reduce the number of attacks in the middle of the 64 – bit systems.

12. Cobb said, at least in the United States, in many ways, in recent years, the hacker attacks became more sophisticated. But we are now more and more exposed to other, more dangerous place. Network globalization has caught up with us, even the value of the hacker attacks all the way. Now, the hacker is not only interfere with our lives, they are stolen from us, it is a fresh for them and huge temptation.